Learn More About Common Heating Repairs

Published on: January 2, 2019
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If you’re a new homeowner or are unfamiliar with common heating repairs – read this blog from AC Southeast®. We’ll review some parts of the heating system which may be new to you.


This way, the next time you have an HVAC repair need, you’ll be more familiar. Information instills confidence in what is often an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation.


There is a lot of jargon in the HVAC industry. So read on, and become more comfortable with the system responsible for your safety and comfort.

Heating Repairs Review – Tasks You Can Perform

Before we get in the more technical information, let’s quickly review a couple of simple tasks you can do to fix your heating system before you call a professional.

Check Air Filter

The air filter catches the majority of contaminants in your system, depending on its filtration ability. When debris, dust and other pollutants clog the filter, the heating system struggles.


Your heating system may behave as though it needs heating repairs, when actually it needs unobstructed airflow. Check your air filter monthly and change it as needed. Most home and business owners change theirs every two to three months.


If your heating system stops before fully heating your house or business, check the air filter.

Confirm Thermostat is Accurate

Your control system, or thermostat, is one of the three main components of your heating system. It is the “brain” and tells the HVAC system what to do. If it malfunctions and takes faulty readings, it sends erroneous information to your furnace or heat pump.


This causes your HVAC system to act consistent with a system needing heating repairs. Verify the temperature and settings are correct.

Debris Around Exterior Units

If you have a heat pump, check the exterior unit for debris. After storms or windy days, it’s common to find yard waste such as leaves, twigs or other vegetation around the exterior unit. Clear it away.


In addition, make sure plants are at least two to three feet away from the condensing unit. Airflow around the exterior unit is important for proper operation.

Find an HVAC Pro with AC Southeast® for These Heating Repairs

Blower Motor Failure

In your home, a furnace performs two main tasks: it increases the temperature of the air and it distributes the warm air. If the blower motor malfunctions, it warms the air but has no way of sending it out to warm your house.


In some cases, the blower motor simply burns out. This is often due to a lack of preventative maintenance or the age of the motor. An HVAC professional is necessary because the replacement motor must have the proper rating of RPMs.


Another possibility is a loose or worn out fan belt. Similar to the belts in car engines, your fan needs the belt to turn. If the blower motor is dysfunctional, it often damages the belt. If it has a crack, a pro needs to replace it. Or if the belt is simply loose, an HVAC technician tightens it with little problem.


This is a task easily performed during regular HVAC service. At AC Southeast® we encourage you to invest in a service plan with a local HVAC contractor. Plans include regular tune-ups and make it easy to catch these minor fixes.

Bad Flame Sensor

If you use a gas furnace, it’s possible the flame sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced. The flame sensor is a thin, metal rod either slightly bent or straight. It sits inside the gas burner assembly and its only function is to determine whether gas burners light or not.


If they don’t, the flame sensor shuts off the gas valve as a safety precaution. If the sensor is bad, it may not detect the presence or absence of a flame. This can be dangerous.


Because the sensor must be completely removed from your furnace, we recommend calling an HVAC professional to handle it.

AC Southeast® is Your Source to Handle Common Heating Repairs

We only recommend qualified professionals who provide outstanding customer service. When you choose to find an HVAC expert through AC Southeast®, you are guaranteed a certified, trained professional for your heating repairs.