Can Heating and Cooling Improve Your Sleep?

Published on: February 5, 2019
Woman asleep in bed | Can Heating and Cooling Improve Your Sleep | AC Southeast®

Has a good night’s sleep been eluding you? If so, you’re not alone. If the tips and tricks you’ve tried to improve your sleep just aren’t making a difference, it’s time to turn to tested truths – your heating and cooling system helps you achieve the peaceful ZZZs you’ve been missing.

Heating and Cooling for a Good Night’s Sleep


Are you waking up sweating or finding it hard to fall asleep because you’re too warm? Higher temperatures in the bedroom stand between you and the peaceful night’s sleep you’re looking for.


To fall asleep, your body naturally lowers its temperature – when your bedroom is too warm, your body struggles to do so. Keeping your bedroom at a cool 60 to 67 degrees overnight helps your body find its restful state much easier. For young babies and toddlers, keep the room between 65 and 70 degrees at night.


Are you setting your heating and cooling system’s thermostat in this range yet still waking up too hot or struggling to fall asleep? It’s time to call in your trusted HVAC technician for a tune-up.


Heating and cooling systems that are well-maintained do a much better job at delivering the precise temperatures you need to fall asleep. Neglecting your heating and cooling system by foregoing maintenance leads to uneven temperature production and energy waste. A service plan ensures your heating and cooling system is ready to keep your family comfortable season after season.

Better Indoor Air Quality Improves Sleep


In addition to temperature, the air quality in your bedroom plays a role in achieving a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that next-day performance improves when the clean air supply in a bedroom is higher.


To amp up the clean air supply in your bedroom, your heating and cooling company has a number of solutions available to tackle the specific environmental challenges faced in your home. Options for cleaner air and a better night’s sleep may include:

  • Ventilation: Improving ventilation in your bedroom and entire home expels stale, contaminant-saturated air and exchanges it for fresh air. A number of ventilation options are available to deliver fresh air while conserving heating and cooling energy.
  • Air purifiers: There are many types of air purifiers available, either portable solutions for your bedroom or whole home models that remove contaminants from the air supply circulating through your heating and cooling system.
  • Humidification solutions: Humidifiers and dehumidifiers work to keep moisture levels balanced throughout your home. Proper humidity levels indoors reduce contaminants in the air and problems caused by excessive moisture or dry air that could be affecting your sleep.


Approximately one-third of the average person’s life is spent sleeping. Using the right heating and cooling solutions helps ensure the rest you get is quality, so you have the energy to enjoy and accomplish the things you want during your waking hours.


Improve your sleep by starting with your home’s heating and cooling system. AC Southeast® connects you with local heating and cooling pros who deliver consistent temperatures and better air quality throughout your home. Contact us today to be on your way to a better night’s sleep.