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Schedule HVAC Maintenance for Air Conditioners

Published on: February 21, 2019
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Time to schedule HVAC maintenance for your air conditioners and heat pumps! It may be winter, but spring will be here before you know it, and you want your cooling system to be ready to offer comfort that first warm day. HVAC maintenance is the key to a properly running cooling system this year – schedule HVAC maintenance with your trusted, local contractor right away.

Why Schedule HVAC Maintenance this Season


When you schedule HVAC maintenance, you’re setting your air conditioner up for success come spring. During a maintenance tune-up, a skilled technician thoroughly inspects all components of your cooling system, performing the care they need to work properly and identifying issues that must be solved to prevent breakdowns.


To schedule HVAC maintenance, all you have to do is call your contractor! Your HVAC company schedules your tune-up and dispatches a technician to perform the service at your chosen time.


You may also choose to sign up for a preventative maintenance agreement, which guarantees your tune-ups throughout the year plus gives you added perks such as priority service when you schedule HVAC maintenance or repairs, discounts, and more.

Benefits of Scheduling HVAC Maintenance

Keeps Warranties Intact


When you schedule HVAC maintenance, you not only benefit from a well-functioning system – you get protection, too. Did you know that many equipment warranties mandate yearly tune-ups? Failing to schedule maintenance with a qualified HVAC contractor may void your warranty, leaving you without valuable protection should a breakdown occur.


Preventative maintenance plans offer the utmost convenience, so you never forget to schedule HVAC maintenance. Don’t risk valuable warranty protection by forgetting this important service this year – schedule HVAC maintenance now!


HVAC Maintenance Helps Air Conditioners Prepare for the “Busy Season”


Preventative maintenance plans take care of your HVAC system needs automatically. You are already on your contractor’s list so your service will be performed well ahead of cooling season. This is the best time to have preventative maintenance performed, as your air conditioner is tuned up and fully inspected, ready to start running without flaws when it’s time to turn it on.


Gain Better Energy Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills


Schedule routine service and your system will work at its best for the season ahead. This means improved comfort for your family, better energy efficiency, and reduced breakdowns which may lead to a long wait for service when the weather warms up.


Signing up for a preventative maintenance plan may also help you avoid that service delay, as many contractors incorporate priority service into their plans for these customers.


Improved performance and efficiency also benefit you by extending the service life of your air conditioner. Air conditioners have an expected service life of about 15 years – this is heavily impacted by how you care for your system.


Without maintenance, it is likely your air conditioner will break down ahead of this date, leaving you with the cost of early system replacement.


Schedule HVAC maintenance for your cooling system today so you’re ready to tackle rising temperatures come spring. AC Southeast® connects you to HVAC contractors in your area who offer preventative maintenance agreements to care for your cooling system. Search our contractors today!