Top Reasons to Finance a New HVAC System

Published on: February 25, 2019
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Buying a new HVAC system is a pretty expensive purchase for many homeowners. As you may know, the need for this purchase doesn’t always come when you planned for it or when it’s convenient. If the funds aren’t available for your new HVAC system, consider using financing options available through your contractor to make this purchase possible.

Why Finance a New HVAC System?


Financing opens many doors for homeowners when it’s time to buy a new HVAC system. Financing your equipment purchase is a smart move in many scenarios, and may be a wiser financial decision over purchasing your new system outright. Here are a few reasons you may choose to finance your new HVAC system purchase:

  • Financing gives you the buying power you need to purchase a new heating and cooling system. If the cash isn’t available, financing is an option that allows you to get the new system you need, when you need it rather than suffer through a heating or cooling season without the right equipment.
  • Looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency unit? While these units are typically cheaper to run, their initial price tag is higher than an economy model. Tapping into financing allows you to purchase a better system than your budget allows, saving you money in the long run through lower energy consumption.
  • Have other items in your budget that you’d rather allocate your funds to? Perhaps your home needs other repairs, or simply you have other expenses that require your attention. Financing a new HVAC system provides funds for your heating and cooling purchase, so you conserve your cash to take care of your family’s other needs.
  • Don’t want to put a new HVAC system on a credit card? Financing for a new HVAC system may offer better interest rates and repayment terms than your card, helping you save money when you make this important purchase.

Financing a New HVAC System


HVAC contractors know the equipment they offer is costly, which is why most heating and cooling companies have financing available to their customers. The financing offered by your HVAC contractor is often from a provider who deals with in home services, offering convenient payment terms that fit your needs and budget.


If you need to buy a new heating and air system, ask your contractor what financing options they offer. Many contractors offer quick, online pre-approvals so you get an answer quickly. Your contractor helps you navigate their financing options to find the best solution for your household.


AC Southeast® contractors offer numerous financing options to make your new HVAC system purchase more affordable. With financing options available from lenders such as GreenSky, Wells Fargo, and Microf, there are many programs with terms that fit your budget. There may even be government options available to help you upgrade to a new HVAC system.


When it’s time to upgrade, investigate financing options to help you make the best purchase decision possible. AC Southeast®’s network of contractors help make new system purchases possible through great financing options. Find an HVAC contractor near you today!