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How to use Bathroom Fans Correctly

Published on: March 15, 2019

Bathroom Fan Installation

Installing a bathroom vent fan is part of the code for building houses in the Southeast US. Although you may not see a bathroom fan when you travel abroad, almost all new homes in the US come equipped with a powerful exhaust fan. As a homeowner, you might wonder why you need an extractor fan or how exactly to use it properly. In this article, we hope to provide a bit of information that will help you use your bathroom exhaust fans correctly.

Why Do You Need a Vent Fan?

Vent fans play a crucial role in removing excess moisture and odors from your bathroom. When moisture and humidity levels are too high, it can create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. In addition, high humidity can also damage your walls and bathroom fixtures.

When to Use Your Bathroom Extractor Fan

During the hot and humid summers we experience in the Southeastern US, we advise that you use your bathroom fan each time you shower and for about 10-20 minutes after you are finished. In addition, if you are using harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom, you should turn on the exhaust fan to ensure it pulls harmful vapors out of the bathroom. Just remember to turn the fan off after 20 minutes to avoid pulling conditioned air out of the house needlessly. To help you remember to turn the fan off you can actually install a turn dial timer on the fan in the place of the light switch. This will allow you to properly use the fan and for it to turn off automatically after a set period of time.

When Not to Use Bathroom Fans

In wintertime, it might not be essential to use your bathroom exhaust fan each time you shower. If the humidity levels in your home are too low, you may consider leaving the exhaust fan off and letting the moist air escape out of the bathroom door, thereby increasing the overall humidity in your home.
Figuring out when to use your bathroom extractor fan doesn’t have to be difficult. Use it while you are in the bathroom and only for a short period of time afterward. By properly using your bathroom extractor fan, you can keep your energy costs down, keep harmful mold and bacteria from growing, and remove any lingering odors from the room. Let us help you find a professional near you.