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How to use Ceiling Fans to Save Energy Usage in Your Home

Published on: April 15, 2019
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When it comes to the idea of whether ceiling fans actually save energy or not, you’ll find plenty of people that feel strongly one way or another. Many people, especially those of us that live in the Southeastern part of the US, grew up with ceiling fans and have a hard time imagining our lives without them. Yes, air circulation does help evaporate the sweat on our bodies, which in turn helps us cool off. But ceiling fans also generate heat from the motor as well, which can contribute to your feeling of discomfort.

Is it possible to save energy with a ceiling fan

It is possible to save energy usage in your home with ceiling fans, but it’s essential that you use them wisely. We’ve come up with Four Principles for Saving Energy with Your Ceiling Fan – these principles will help you save energy and feel cooler as well.

1. Always use ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioner. AC units remove humidity from the air and can make the air coming from the ceiling fan feel much cooler.

2. Turn off ceiling fans if there is no one in the room. By turning off ceiling fans, you’ll cut down on the electricity that is used and keep the fan’s motor from putting additional heat into the room.

3. If you own a variable speed indoor air handler or heating unit, turn the fan on low to help circulate the air throughout the house.

4. Use your ceiling fans in winter to help push warm air back down into the room. You don’t need to turn your fans on high but turning them on low will help recirculate warm air throughout your room.

Although it might be tempting to turn your ceiling fan on, and keep it running at all times, that isn’t the most energy efficient use of your fan (and it won’t keep you cool either). The best way to utilize your ceiling fans and save energy is to use them wisely. Follow our four principles and you’ll find that you can save a little on your energy bill each month. Let us help you find a professional near you.