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Is Your HVAC System Matched Properly?

Published on: May 30, 2020

How to Make Sure Your HVAC System is Matched Properly

Most likely, your HVAC system has a split air conditioning unit and also a heat pump unit.  The outdoor unit consists of the condenser and also the compressor.  The indoor unit includes the evaporator coil and furnace.  Together, they work as a team to provide the ideal temperature in your home.

However, when these two units become mismatched, you may experience reduced comfort, higher energy bills, increased breakdowns, and also total system failure. Keeping these two components properly matched ensures energy efficiency and also expands the life of your system.

Therefore, if you replace your outdoor unit with a higher-efficiency model and don’t check the compatibility of your indoor unit, problems can arise. Today, we guide you through how to make sure that your HVAC system is matched properly.

What Needs To Match?

Air conditioners cool your home by removing the heat. The process requires refrigerant to flow through copper tubing between the outdoor and also the indoor units. To make this cycle work effectively, both the indoor evaporator coils and the outdoor condenser coils must have the same capacity. If it turns out they don’t, one part of the system has to work harder to run as efficiently. This creates undue stress on your system, resulting in possibly premature failure. 

Check the AHRI Database

To check if your HVAC system is properly matched, consult the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI®) database.  The AHRI Directory (www.ahridirectory.org) allows you to search by product type or model number to see if your central air conditioning unit and heat pump unit components are designed to work together.

Alternatively, if your system has been installed by a qualified HVAC technician, you should have a certificate of AHRI certified performance with an AHRI Reference Number.

Call An HVAC Professional

At Air Conditioning Southeast we care about your comfort. Let us help you. Contact your local Carrier or Bryant HVAC technician for an assessment.  Air Conditioning Southeast can help locate a qualified HVAC professional in your area.