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Ductless System Placements

Published on: July 1, 2020
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Understand the Best Place for a Ductless System In Your Home

Ductless systems are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to add heating and cooling to your home’s most challenging spaces. Because ductless systems have no ductwork, they are also quick and easy to install. If you are considering a ductless system, the following are the best places for ductless systems in your home.

Ductless Systems In Your Garage

Garages are often used in all seasons as additional workspaces. However, your garage can become sweltering in the summer and bitter in the winter. This makes adding a ductless system in your garage ideal.  Without the extreme temperature fluctuations, you can use your garage in all seasons. 

Ductless Systems in Your Home Extension

Including ductwork infrastructure to garage conversations and home, extensions is a time-consuming and expensive process. Many homeowners find installing a ductless system to a home extension more cost-effective and more straightforward.  

Ductless System Installation In Your Basement

Your basement is one of the hardest rooms in your house to heat and cool.  Keeping the temperature in the basement balanced is challenging due to the concrete foundation and lack of insulation.  This makes your basement an excellent place for a ductless system in your home. A quick installation will help maintain a constant temperature and increase your comfort.

Ductless System Installation in Your Detached Buildings

Like your home extensions, detached buildings often can’t connect to your existing HVAC system.  Therefore, your detached buildings are an ideal place to install ductless systems. Turning off ductless systems is a great way to save money in unoccupied space for extended periods. This can save additional money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Ductless Systems in Your Spare Rooms

If you have a large home with several rooms you don’t use daily, adding ductless systems makes sense.  With ductless systems, you can turn off the heating and cooling to that space when not in use. A ductless system can reduce your annual energy bills, yet keep the room comfortable when you need it.

Best Locations for Your Ductless Systems

Ductless systems have an indoor and outdoor component.  The indoor unit can be mounted almost anywhere.  Did you know, wall-mounted units that are placed on an exterior wall near the outdoor unit are the cheapest and easiest to install? The outdoor unit should be located near the indoor unit.  If possible, in a shady location like the north side of the house or under a deck. 

Find a Bryant or Carrier Ductless Dealer

Both Bryant and Carrier offer a range of efficient ductless systems.  A local Bryant or Carrier ductless dealer can help you visualize how ductless units will look in your home and the best place to install them.  Air Conditioning Southeast can help you locate an authorized Bryant or Carrier ductless dealer near you.