Is Your HVAC System Working Properly?

Published on: August 15, 2020
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Advice to Make Sure Your HVAC System is Working Properly

Now more than ever, our homes are our safe havens.  Having a heating and cooling system that maintains a comfortable temperature through all types of weather is paramount. Luckily, some simple measures can help avoid major repairs and keep energy costs down. Here is some advice to make sure your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently.

Check Air Filter Monthly

One of the easiest things you can do to make sure your HVAC system is working correctly is to check your air filter. Turn off your system.  Locate your air filter. Pull it out and inspect it.  If the air filter looks dirty or is clogged with dust, replace it.  Then set a reminder to check the air filter again in a month.  Dirty air filters make your HVAC system work harder, reducing efficiency, escalating electric bills, and increasing wear and tear.

Inspect The Outdoor Unit

It is easy for grass clippings, leaves and branches to build up around your outdoor unit.  This debris can reduce the airflow, cause your AC to work harder, and in turn, increase your energy bill. Inspect your outdoor unit regularly and remove debris when necessary.  Also, trim shrubs and plants that get near the system as they can block airflow too. Your AC unit will work best when it is clean and debris free.

Maximize Vent Airflow

Inspect your vents.  Are a lot of them closed?  For your HVAC system to circulate air properly, at least 80% of your vents need to be open. When you close too many registers, you put additional strain on your HVAC system.  To get your HVAC system working properly, never close more than 20% of your vents. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

The US Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78°F in summer and 68°F in winter. Keeping your thermostat set at these temperatures prevents your HVAC system from working too hard during the hottest and coldest days.  It also helps save you money.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

It is always advised to have a seasonal check-up in the Spring and Fall. Annual maintenance examines your unit for any issues and allows for repairs before they become significant problems. Regular maintenance also makes sure your HVAC system is working its best before for the peak season.

Concerned Your HVAC Isn’t Working Properly?

These tips can make sure that your HVAC system is working properly all year round.  However, if you feel the airflow in your home isn’t right, call your local Byrant or Carrier dealer today.  Air Conditioning Southeast can locate a qualified technician in your area.