Carrier Infinity Thermostat

Published on: September 30, 2020

Benefits of a Carrier Infinity® Thermostat

The Carrier Infinity® System Control is the ultimate command center for your HVAC system.  It enables comfort control and efficiency settings to be at your fingertips, wherever you are. Let’s explore some of the many benefits of an Infinity® System Control:

Energy Tracking

The Carrier Infinity® System Control monitors your energy consumption and provides you with detailed reporting. This advanced technology identifies where you can make adjustments in your home to save you dollars.

Humidity Level Management

The Carrier Infinity® System Control makes it easy to reduce or also replenish the humidity in your home.  The optimum humidity level for your home is between 30% and 50%.  This helps improve the efficiency of your system and also keeps your home comfortable.

Unique Touch-N-Go® Feature

The Touch-N-Go® feature allows you to program different preference settings: wake, sleep, home, and also away.  Set your desired temperature for each of these scenarios. Then switching modes is as easy as touching a button.

Occupancy Sensing

The Carrier Infinity® System Control learns how your home is used and adapts the temperature based on home occupancy.  When the system senses that no one is home, it adjusts the temperature accordingly. The result is improved efficiency and also reduced energy bills.

Zoning Capabilities

With the Carrier Infinity® System Control, you add optional sensors in up to eight zones in your house. Then, from the system control, you can set and monitor the temperature room by room. You can even provide custom names for your zones.

On The Go Access

Simply download the app to your smartphone. Then you can monitor and make adjustments to your home’s temperature wherever you are. 

Easy to Use

The intuitive, full-color interface makes the Carrier Infinity® System Control easy to use. There are quick-read icons and on-screen prompts to simplify navigation. It is also compatible with Amazon™ Alexa™. So you can have hands-free operation when you add it as an Alexa™ skill.

Service Updates

The Carrier Infinity® System Control can keep you connected to your local dealer.  It can also provide you with system maintenance reminders, like when to replace your filter.

Install a Carrier Infinity® System Control Today

Whether you would like to know more about the Carrier Infinity® System or are ready to have one installed, your local Carrier dealer can help.  Air Conditioning Southeast can locate a certified dealer in your area today.