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Improving your Indoor Air Quality

Published on: September 15, 2020

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

With kids home from school and more parents working remotely, Americans are spending more time inside their homes this year. Increased time indoors, means an increase in air pollutants: cooking smells, dander, tobacco smoke, and cleaning products. All of which can impact the air quality of your home.  However, these simple additions to your HVAC system can lead to indoor air improvements:

Air Purifiers and Filter Cabinets

Pets, plants, smoke, cooking and even cleaning can all trigger and worsen allergy symptoms. With a high-efficiency filter (MERV 15 or higher), you can capture up to 95% of these airborne particles.  Additionally, a high-efficiency air purifier can inactive up to 99% of flu, strep, and cold viruses lurking in your indoor air. 

Germicidal UV Lights

As your AC system works, condensation builds up around the coil. Eventually, dirt sticks to this wet surface creating mold spores and bacteria.  These are then easily circulated through your home.  The result can increase coughing and make respiratory issues worse for allergy sufferers and individuals with breathing illnesses.  Mounting a germicidal UV lamp can kill the bacteria and mold, leading to the improved indoor air quality of your home. 

Whole-Home Ventilators

Newer homes are generally more air-tight than older homes, which can help trap unwanted pollutants inside.  Adding a whole-home ventilator offers an efficient way to bring fresh outdoor air into your home without the energy loss you’d have by opening a window. Increased ventilation helps dilute indoor airborne pollutants.  In turn, the reduction of contaminants improves indoor air quality. 


The ideal humidity level for your home is between 30%-50%.  If the indoor air is too dry, you may experience itchy skin, dry nasal passages, and also increased static electricity.  If the indoor air is too moist, you may feel too warm, and it will also encourage the growth of dust mites and fungus.  Keeping your humidity levels consistent with a humidifier and a dehumidifier will help improve the quality of air that you breathe. 

Install A New Indoor Air Quality Product in Your Home Today

Bryant and also Carrier offer several indoor air products that can provide indoor air quality improvements to your home.  AC Southeast® will help you locate a qualified technician in your area who can provide a detailed air analysis of your home. With the results, your dealer can offer a range of indoor air quality improvement solutions for your home. Locate your local dealer today