3 Signs You Should Consider HVAC Zoning

Published on: October 28, 2017
Adjusting thermostat | AC Southeast®

Your HVAC system’s performance makes a huge impact on your family’s comfort and the size of your utility bills. But if the heating and cooling system in your Birmingham, Alabama, home just doesn’t meet your needs, you may be able to modify your system instead of replacing it altogether. From inconsistent temperatures to high utility bills, these three signs indicate that you should consider HVAC zoning.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If your first floor always feels a few degrees cooler than the second floor or if some rooms always seem hotter than others, your HVAC system may not be heating or cooling your whole home effectively. Establishing HVAC zones throughout your home can help.

When the AC Southeast® team installs zoning systems, we turn your home into two or more distinct areas for heating and cooling. Rather than cooling your whole home, you can lower the temperature for your upstairs zone, for the kitchen area, for the bedrooms, or for any zone that needs a cool blast.

Inconvenient Thermostats

Most homes that lack zoning systems have just one thermostat. That means you might have to walk to another part of your home or to another level just to change the temperature.

When we install zoning systems, we’ll also install a separate thermostat for each zone. You can easily optimize your home’s temperature by programming the ideal climate control for each one. Opt for smart thermostats, and you can even control them from the convenience of your smartphone.

High Utility Bills

Utility bills that are higher than normal could be the sign of a hot, sweaty summer, or they could signal that your HVAC system is working harder than it should. Since HVAC zoning allows you to tell your system where and when you need a cool blast, it helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently. That translates to lower household energy consumption, a more sustainable home, and reduced utility bills.

Could your home benefit from HVAC zoning? Call the AC Southeast® team today to learn more about zoning and effective heating and cooling solutions: 205-392-8122.