Bryant Preferred 127A Air Conditioner

Bryant Preferred Air Conditioner | AC Southeast®


This unit provides both comfort and cost savings. It’s possible to both lower your utility bills and still rely on whole house comfort with this two-stage Preferred™ central air conditioner.  The 17.7 SEER max rating provides energy efficient operation and humidity control no louder than your dishwasher. Based on the Department of Energy minimum efficiency standards in place January 1, 2015, some models of the Preferred™ Series may not be suitable for installation in the southeast or southwest regions of the country. Talk to your local Bryant® representative to confirm your new air conditioner meets the regulations for your area.

Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy a cool summer indoors with up to 17 SEER and up to 13.5 EER efficiency
  • Two stages of operation provides longer and more consistent comfort on low stages to maximize savings
  • Increased summer dehumidification utilizing two-stage operation
  • Sound as low as 72 dB (quiet as a vacuum)
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Appreciate remote access efficiency, energy savings and comprehensive energy reporting with Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi® thermostat
  • Protected with DuraGuard™ Plus system
  • Environmentally-friendly Puron® refrigerant
  • Upon registration, unit carries a 10-year parts limited warranty

Product Specifications

  • Energy Efficiency 17 SEER/13.5 EER max
  • Performs at ENERGY STAR® guidelines for high efficiency in all models and sizes
  • Two cooling stages for added efficiency and comfort
  • Two-stage cooling operation to decrease temperature fluctuation
  • Improved humidity control with two-stage unit when managed with the Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi® thermostat.
  • Quiet operation at 72 dB during most cooling operations
  • Remotely manage your system when paired with Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi® thermostat
  • Maintenance and service reminders through progressive Housewise™ thermostat
  • Two-stage scroll compressor
  • Utilizes Puron® refrigerant
  • High and low pressure switches and filter drier
  • Supports Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi®® thermostat controls as well as other Preferred series thermostats
  • 2-5 tons capacity
  • DuraGuard™ Plus system
  • Sheet metal construction
  • Complete coverage through baked powder paint

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