About Carrier®

About Carrier®

The Carrier® global empire started with the invention of modern air conditioning in 1902 by the “Father of Air Conditioning” Willis Carrier. Building on his invention, Carrier® became a world leader in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry after its launch in 1915.

Global Solutions for Everyone

By controlling the environment indoors, lives and businesses were changed throughout history. Carrier® made huge strides in the heating and cooling industry in America. The first central system was used in the Chronicle Cotton Mills of Belmont in North Carolina in 1906. For the first time, people were able to work in a clean environment with controlled climate. Soon, textile plants took advantage of Willis Carrier’s modern air conditioning system.


In 1911, Willis Carrier designed a chart titled “Rational Psychrometric Formulae: Their Relation to the Problems of Meteorology and of Air Conditioning,” which served as the basis for today’s designs in air conditioning. Willis Carrier became an international figure after his chart’s publication, and his air conditioning designs reached Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Central America. In 1914 Carrier’s advancements in air conditioning extended to residential homes, including the White House in 1929.

Innovations Leading to Change

The birth of modern air conditioning increased productivity across the world, and many Carrier® products are still used on a daily basis in homes, businesses, schools and hospitals. The idea of creating a comfortable environment promotes healthy lives and increases productivity on an economical scale. Carrier® residential and commercial products are quality-tested before entering a customer’s home/business, guaranteeing you get the best product at an affordable price for your budget.


The combined efforts of Carrier® employees, services and products ensure every customer is given the best chance for an ideal environment, regardless of the climate outside. More than 100 years later, Carrier® still strives to create energy-efficient products to fit any budget for both residential and commercial customers.

Carrier® Heating & Air Conditioning Products

Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner | AC Southeast

Carrier® Air Conditioners

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Carrier Infinity Heat Pump | AC Southeast

Carrier® Heat Pumps

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Carrier GP Geothermal | AC Southeast

Carrier® Geothermal Heat Pumps

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Carrier Ductless Systems | AC Southeast

Carrier® Ductless Systems

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Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace | AC Southeast

Carrier® Gas Furnaces

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Carrier OVM Oil Furnace | AC Southeast

Carrier® Oil Furnaces

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Carrier CNPVP Coil | AC Southeast

Carrier® Evaporative Coils

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Carrier Infinity Fan Coil | AC Southeast

Carrier® Fan Coils

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Carrier BWM Boiler | AC Southeast

Carrier® Boilers

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Carrier Packaged Unit | AC Southeast

Carrier® Packaged Units

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Carrier Infinity Media Air Cleaner | AC Southeast

Carrier® Media Air Cleaners

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Carrier HUMCCLBP Humidifier | AC Southeast

Carrier® Humidifiers

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Carrier DEHXX Dehumidifier | AC Southeast

Carrier® Dehumidifiers

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Carrier Ventilator | AC Southeast

Carrier® Ventilators

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Carrier UVLCC2LP UltraViolet Air Purifier | AC Southeast

Carrier® Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

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Carrier CO Alarm | AC Southeast

Carrier® Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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Carrier Infinity SYSTXCCITC01-B Thermostat | AC Southeast

Carrier® Wi-Fi Thermostats

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Carrier Comfort TC-PAC01-A Thermostat | AC Southeast

Carrier® Non-Wi-Fi Thermostats

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