Carrier Comfort TP-NRH01-B Thermostat

Carrier Comfort TP-NRH01-B Thermostat | AC Southeast®

Features & Benefits

  • Large, illuminated display showing outside and inside temperatures and time
  • On-screen, intuitive prompts
  • Touch-N-Go, one-button quick-settings-change feature
  • Aesthetically-pleasing silver faceplate comes standard
  • Ideal Humidity System® management capabilities
  • Hybrid Heat® system management capabilities
  • Capable of intelligent heating- and cooling-comfort staging
  • Automatic changeover between cooling and heating
  • Capable of managing ventilation
  • Fixed-schedule for filter, UV lamp and/or humidifier panel replacement reminders
  • 5-year parts limited warranty
  • Optional remote sensor application to send information from the main control to a different location
  • Faceplate options: gold luster, onyx, saddlebrush, natural grain, quartz colors and espresso
  • Mount the control module portion of the thermostat to the furnace or fan coil for a wall-hugging profile
  • Optional partnering with 3-zone panel systems: ZONECC3ZHP01 and ZONECC3ZAC01
  • Optional outdoor air temperature (OAT) sensor

Product Specifications

  • Hybrid Heat® system management capabilities
  • Exceptional temperature management featuring intelligent system staging
  • Ideal Humidity System® cooling dehumidification control capabilities
  • Manages humidification products
  • Ventilation management capable
  • Controls system airflow
  • Permanent system settings and 9-hour clock setting retention in the event of a power failure
  • One-button, Touch-N-Go feature settings for sleep, home and away
  • Simple system connection, allowing use with older Carrier® system components
  • Battery free
  • Powered by connection to a major system component
  • Functional, sleek design
  • Backlit, large LCD display
  • Included silver faceplate with optional color choices
  • Dimensions: 5.2”H x 5.2”W x 0.9-1.3”D

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