Carrier Cor TSTPHA01 Thermostat

Carrier Cor TSTPHA01 Thermostat | AC Southeast®


The Bryant Côr® 5 programmable thermostat allows for 7-day, 5/2-day and 1-day scheduling based on the needs and habits of your households, with 2 to 4 periods each day. In the event of a power loss, your settings will be saved indefinitely.

Features & Benefitis

  • Segmented fixed screen
  • Ideal Away™ improves efficiency and comfort
  • Compatible with hybrid heat system
  • Staging-capable heating and cooling
  • Auto heat/cool changeover
  • On/auto fan speeds with programming
  • 7-day wake/away/home/sleep scheduling
  • Vacation mode
  • Reminders to replace filters, UV lights and humidifier pads
  • Alerts for service, high/low temperature/humidity
  • 5-year parts limited warranty

Product Specifications

  • Intelligent system staging
  • 7-day, 5/2-day, and 1-day programming
  • Air circulation minimum hourly
  • Compatible with numerous HVAC systems and brands
  • Hardwired, battery-free

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