Find A Local HVAC Contractor

When it comes to finding heating and air conditioning companies that you can trust it can seem a bit overwhelming trying to decide which are best. There are heating and air conditioning companies that specialize in commercial HVAC systems and residential systems. While some HVAC companies may serve either commercial or residential systems, most large commercial HVAC companies do not serve residential customers. ACSoutheast.com is a directory service that is designed to help consumers throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina find professional HVAC contractors and services. Use the resources we offer along with our tips to find local heating, air conditioning, or HVAC companies in your area. All products and equipment must be purchased through your local contractor or HVAC dealer.

Before you hire HVAC companies or HVAC contractors

Before hiring HVAC contractors for commercial or residential service, take time to study licensing and insurance requirements for a HVAC contractor in your state. Before calling a HVAC company or a HVAC contractor, write down the make and model of your heating and air conditioning system along with any dates of when maintenance or repairs were done. Describe what rooms seem to have issues in temperature or circulation and any noises or odors you may have noted. With this information in hand, you can begin locating a heating company or the HVAC contractors with experience in the HVAC system that you are using.

Obtain Referrals and References

You can begin your search for HVAC companies by asking for referrals from neighbors, friends, and relatives, or use our online directory assistance to locate certified HVAC technicians or factory authorized Bryant® and Carrier® dealers who can recommend a HVAC contractor familiar with their HVAC systems, equipment, and products. We are associated with Bryant® and Carrier® as these are the leading authorities in HVAC systems today. Once you use the resources on our site to locate residential HVAC companies, HVAC contractors, or commercial HVAC companies in your area, call them directly to arrange a consultation regarding your HVAC system needs. Once you call a HVAC contractor, heating company, or air conditioning company, ask for references and then call those references and ask about the performance of the company, contractor, and services. Was the job completed on time and within the quoted price range?

Home Inspection

A home inspection should be the first thing a professional HVAC contractor arranges before giving you a price quote. In addition to taking time to listen to your concerns about possible issues with your HVAC system, heating and air conditioning contractors and technicians should also take time to inspect your current system based on the style and size of your home. They should take into consideration factors such as the duct system, insulation, windows, and perhaps recommend an airflow check for leaks or circulation following standard requirements for safe efficient HVAC system installation and repair.

Get it in Writing

To adequately compare quotes between heating companies or air conditioning companies and contractors, get all estimates written and include itemized estimates with enough detail to compare not only costs, but also energy efficiencies and parts or service warranties. Once you do decide upon a contractor or company, get the bid and proposal in writing, and make sure it includes job schedule, product numbers, and warranty information along with the final project cost.

Ask About Energy Star Efficient Products and Equipment

Energy Star products have been designed to meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Your contractor should be able to recommend Energy Star products and equipment and show you the savings they offer. Energy efficient heating and cooling systems can save you money and save valuable fuel resources.

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