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When you turn on the daily weather report and hear a warning about dangerous ozone levels, your first instinct might be to remain indoors. Did you know that you might only be slightly safer indoors? Unless your home has an efficient whole house purifier, the air quality in most homes can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air on a typical day. Before you run out to find the best air purifiers available from your local home supply store or general retail store, take time to do some research. While there is a huge selection of room air filters available, many are less than effective and some may even put your health at risk. Certain types of air purifiers can actually increase dangerous ozone levels inside your home! The choice in which type of system is the best air purifier for you depends on a number of factors. Since it is likely that you spend nearly ninety percent of your time indoors, choosing the best air purifier you can find within your budget and that efficiently cleans and purifies the air of harmful pollutants, irritants, and other substances can greatly affect your health and comfort. If you are an asthma suffer, you want to be especially careful to avoid air purifiers that emit or produce ozone in any amounts. Ozone is highly irritating to the lungs and those with asthma are at an increased health risk from ozone at any level. While HVAC air filters do help control some dust and particles, buying an air purifier is the best way to get optimal air quality year round. If you have problems with allergies, an efficient HEPA air purifier can often provide relief within a few days.

ACSoutheast.com is pleased to provide assistance in finding an answer to your question of, which air purifier should I buy. The tips we offer in this, the best air purifier buying guide, are designed to give you the information you need to consider when shopping for purifiers for your home or office. We have put together the best air purifier buying guide possible by including information on complimentary air filter and indoor purification technology. The newest technology in air purification is often used in addition to HEPA filters to assist in eliminating odors, germs, bacteria, and chemicals commonly found indoors.

We invite you to make use of this resource and other information you will find on our site to learn how to buy an air purifier that works best for your home while addressing any special concerns you may have. Among the resources found on our site is a directory listing over 200 certified Carrier® and Bryant® heating and air technicians, many with NATE certification throughout the southeast. If you are wondering where to buy air purifiers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or South Carolina, we can help you locate qualified contractors certified in air purification systems that can answer your questions and recommend the best air purifiers for your home.

There are two main types of purifier models available. The most common are room purifiers and the second option is a whole house air purification system. If you do not have a forced heating or air condition system, then a high quality room purifier is your only option. Even if you do have a forced air system in place, when adding air purification to a new addition, a small outbuilding, or office, a quality room purifier may be the best air purifier for your application and space. If you have a forced heat system and ductwork in place, a whole house air purifier can provide consistent air quality throughout your home. Among the options available in both room and whole house air purifiers, buying an air purifier that features HEPA filters and technology provides the most efficient filtration available without the production of ozone. High quality HEPA air purifiers can filter over 90% of irritating particles such as dust, mold sores, pet dander, and other allergens and usually have a MERV rating of 10 or better.

Electrostatic air filters or Ionic air purifiers charge dust and other particles that then stick to a plate. The plate located within the purifier needs to be cleaned frequently and these purifiers are often poor at circulating clean filtered air. Electrostatic purifiers release small amounts of ozone that may pose a health concern for individuals with asthma. Electrostatic purifiers are far less efficient than a HEPA system.

Ozone generators are the least efficient purifier. Ozone that is monitored because it is a health hazard to individuals outdoors is produced by these generators and circulated throughout the home. An ozone generator intentionally creates ozone and circulates it throughout your home. For individuals sensitive to even slight ozone levels, these types of purifiers can pose a serious health risk and do not efficiently filter or remove most common air borne particles.

Examples of complementary purification technology you may find include:

  • Pre-filters-These are used to trap larger particles such as dust and pet hairs. A pre-filter can extend the life of your air filtration unit and decrease service and maintenance calls.
  • PCO technology – PCO is also known as photocatalytic oxidation. This technology uses UV light and a catalyst such as titanium oxide to destroy certain gaseous pollutants or convert them into harmless components.
  • Activated carbon – Activated carbon filters are often used in addition to HEPA filtration to remove unpleasant odors, certain chemicals, and gases, from indoor air.

While we at ACSoutheast.com can help when you are trying to decide where to buy air purifiers by helping you locate a local contractor in your area, we cannot answer questions such as, which air purifier should I buy or tell you how to buy an air purifier that will be most efficient in your home. We are a directory and resource guide only and do not recommend or sell HVAC products, parts or services. Please use the information found on our site to contact a professional HVAC contractor experienced in air purification systems to request further information or purchase products, parts or arrange for air purification system installation.

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