Indoor Air Quality for Homes and Businesses

Why is it Important?

When we go outside and it’s a humid day or an especially smoggy day in a big city, you can actually see the air. When a situation like this occurs, you can generally believe that it is not a healthy situation. With pollutants like smoke and exhaust and other elements in the outdoor air, when you go outside you are breathing in those elements. However, being indoor has its own air quality concerns. Concerns that are very real, but not visible like outside smoke and pollutants.

Indoor air quality is a big concern for both homeowners and businesses. The air in the inside of a home or place of business is used by many people on a daily basis, and the indoor environment may be causing health issues to the people in the buildings. Health concerns such as the existence of mold, allergies to products or other physical reactions are causes for concern. More importantly the presence of these items and the existence of radon and carbon dioxide in the air system can become potentially deadly if unchecked. It is important for homeowners and business owners to regularly check for the presence of these in the heating and cooling systems. Ignoring these problems could lead to greater health problems in the future.

As a service to home and business owners we have collected a number of links and information that discusses indoor air quality. Please feel free to review this information so that your residence or business can be safe from hidden dangers. In addition, we recommend that your heating and cooling systems be tested and inspected for these dangers on a periodic basis.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality Defined – Useful article providing a definition of indoor air quality and what are indoor air pollutants.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Informative page from the EPA which covers many of the concerns that people have about indoor air quality.
  • Indoor Air Pollution – Medline information on the normally seen causes of indoor air pollution ranging from smoking to carbon monoxide.
  • OSHA Information – OSHA information on indoor air quality problems that are common for schools, businesses and other public buildings.

Poor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality – Useful information from the American Lung Association about some of the common causes of poor air quality inside.
  • Poor Air Quality Symptoms – Listing of some of the common symptoms to look for to suspect poor indoor air quality.
  • Indoor Air Quality Information – General information about indoor air including symptoms that could mean potential problems.
  • Indoor Air Concerns – Helpful information from the Canadian Lung Association providing symptoms to look for concerning air quality.

Causes of Poor Air Quality

  • Poor IAQ – Informative page on the causes of poor indoor air and what can be done to improve the situation.
  • Causes of Poor Air Quality – Helpful publication covering a number of aspects about what causes poor air indoors.
  • Indoor Air Pollution – Causes and effects of indoor air quality and pollution are covered in this web page.
  • Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality – Downloadable article from Cornell University about the causes and what can be done about poor air quality.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – EPA site with information on indoor air, pollutants, resources and more.

Home Indoor Air Quality

  • Air Quality in the Home – Useful overview of various concerns about household air quality.
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality – Useful article from WebMD containing five ways to improve the air quality in your home.
  • Improving Air Quality – Article providing ideas on how homeowners can improve the quality of indoor air.
  • Home Tips – Listing of ten tips on how people can improve the air quality around the house.

Business Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Pollution – Information on the legal aspect of providing a healthy workplace.
  • Indoor Air Quality – General information aimed at businesses providing a look at indoor air quality.

Additional Indoor Air Quality Resources

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