Health Effects of Air Quality

How Air Quality Effects General Health

In order for people to have a healthy and happy life, they need to have several things. They include food that is safe to eat, water that is safe to drink and use, and air that is safe to breathe in. Unfortunately, due to environmental issues with pollution and depleting resources, the safety of these necessities are sometimes in question. However, it is important for all people to be concerned with these health issues.

In particular, one of the problems we have encountered is that of air quality. With problems of pollution from businesses and automobiles, this has caused environmental concerns in the world. With these man-made pollutants, it has created many health issues for people. With pollution of the indoor and outdoor air, concerns with illnesses including asthma, carbon monoxide poisoning and the existence of mold in the air, have all contributed to the health issues of people breathing bad air.

One of the most important steps that people should take to ensure that they are breathing healthy air is knowledge of potential problems. In the case of outdoor air pollution, people need to look for ways to reduce pollution either through their automobiles, homes or businesses. For indoor air quality, it is very important to be concerned about the heating and ventilation systems of the home or business. By properly maintaining the systems this could prevent airborne illnesses from invading the building.

Please use this information as a guide to learn more about indoor and outdoor air quality, and why it is important to be concerned.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality Overview – Well written information from the Environmental Protection Agency which covers topics on indoor air quality for homes and businesses.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Helpful page from a state public health department dealing with proper air quality indoors.
  • Indoor Air Quality Standards – Information for businesses as well as individuals about the standards that need to be met for proper quality.
  • Air Quality Guidelines – Helpful information and guidelines for people on indoor air quality.
  • Air Quality Issues – Informative page which deals with the issues of indoor quality of the air.

Outdoor Air Quality

  • Outdoor Air – Information on the issues of the quality of the air in the outdoors.
  • Pollution and Air Quality – Useful collection of information on the problems associated with pollution and the quality of air.
  • Outdoor Air Quality – Information on many topics that have to do with air quality from the American Lung Association.
  • Outdoor Air Pollution – Useful overview of the problems in the environment with air pollution with many different examples of the problems.
  • Outdoor Air Pollution – Informative page discussing the worldwide problem of air pollution.

Health Issues

Environmental Issues


We hope this information has been helpful. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and family, in the hopes that this educational information will help keep people healthy.

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