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For most homeowners, replacing a gas furnace can be a stressful time. With a bit of preparation and investigative research, you can go into the process armed with the knowledge you need to compare gas furnace prices and find the best gas furnace to buy to keep your family comfortable while saving you the most money in fuel cost throughout the season. Whenever you begin to shop for a furnace be sure you are getting the price quote you need. Information from a catalog or retail supplier may tell you the cost of a furnace. However, what you likely need to know is the total cost that includes gas furnace prices, installed, furnace unit pricing, and any other delivery or contractor fees. Always get a price quote in writing and compare costs among several contractors for the same equipment and list of services.

ACSoutheast.com is pleased to offer this gas furnace buying guide to provide you with information you should keep in mind when looking for the best gas furnace to buy suited to your home and local environment. The first step to take in comparing furnace options is to contact several Factory Authorized contractors with experience in furnace installation. If you are wondering where to buy gas furnace parts, replacement parts, or find HVAC systems and HVAC services in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or South Carolina, we can help you find local contractors and dealers easily using our directory resource. Once you have used our directory to locate local dealers, you will need to contact them directly to ask questions concerning gas furnace prices, installed furnace prices, or any questions you may have concerning your home heating needs. We at ACSoutheast.com do not sell HVAC parts, products, or services. When shopping for a gas furnace or any HVAC part, or accessories, it is best to call several local dealers and ask for an in-home evaluation before receiving a written job quote.

It might help to have a notebook or at least a piece of paper in hand with the questions you need to consider as you contact local dealers and heating service contractors. As you call several Factory Authorized dealers and compare costs before you sign a contract for the purchase and installation of your gas furnace, here are a few factors to consider.

Furnace Size

The size of the gas furnace you choose will make a big difference in how efficiently it runs and how well it keeps your home comfortable during extreme weather. While a furnace that is too small will not be able to heat your home effectively, a furnace that is too large will cycle on and off more than necessary placing excessive wear on parts, wasting fuel, and may not control temperatures throughout the home consistently. If you consider replacing an old furnace with a larger gas furnace, it may require larger ducts adding additional installation time and expenses. Too small ducts with a large furnace will result in noisy airflow when the furnace is running. A certified Factory Authorized dealer or contractor can inspect your home and recommend the appropriate size furnace for your needs by taking into consideration the local climate, energy costs, size of your home, as well as your home design and construction features.

Efficiency Ratings

Replacing an old furnace with a newer model can save you a considerable amount in fuel costs since the energy efficiency of new gas furnaces has dramatically improved. Older models from the 1970s have an annual-fuel-utilization-efficiency of around 65%. New laws now require gas furnaces to have a minimum of 78% while top-of-the-line models may run as high as 98% efficient. The higher the fuel efficiency rating, the higher gas furnace prices will be initially. However, that higher cost may pay for itself with fuel savings in a year or two. While new furnaces are required to have a bright yellow sticker that shows the energy efficiency rating, this is only an estimate, as local factors will determine actual fuel efficiency once installed in your home. Your contractor can calculate the cost of running your furnace by using a computer program to plug in information that includes local energy prices, your home size, construction, and design, and provide you an estimate based on industry standards. Compare several gas furnace models in a range of fuel efficiencies and have your contractor calculate costs per year. Often a slightly higher initial purchase and installation price will more than pay for itself in fuel savings, efficient heating, and because a high efficiency furnace produces less emissions to be released into the atmosphere, a high efficiency furnace can also help lower environmental impact and demand on fossil fuels.

Maintenance and Servicing

While new gas furnaces are very reliable, ask your heating contractor about the recommended maintenance and servicing for any furnace you are considering. Inadequate maintenance or lack of regularly scheduled servicing can shorten the life span of the best furnace. Also, ask for an estimated cost for any recommended venting that may be required for other appliances in the home that are linked to your furnace. Inadequate venting can place undue strain on a heating system and may lead to safety issues. Be sure to follow all maintenance schedules and understand how to clean or changes all filters as needed.

We invite you to use this gas furnace buying guide, our directory of Factory Authorized dealers throughout the southeastern US, and other resources here at ACSoutheast.com. We are here to help you connect with local HVAC experts that can answer any questions you may have concerning where to buy gas furnace parts, replacement heating systems, or other heating and air conditioning concerns. All the dealers you will see in our directory are Factory Authorized and many have specialized NATE training in all areas of heating system installation, repair and servicing. Carrier® and Bryant® contractors also receive special training in the newest products offered by these leaders in the HVAC industry and stand behind their products with the professional service and dependability that continue to make Bryant® and Carrier® the first choice for thousands of satisfied customers each year.

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