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Someone looking into a gas boiler heating system for his or her home likely has a lot of questions. For instance, what are the best gas boilers for home heating? What are the benefits of a gas boiler heat system? How do they work? How does the natural gas get into my home? All of these are valid questions of a homeowner who wants to make a change in his or her home heating system. The following provides answers to these questions as well as highlights some other beneficial information on this page.

What is a Gas Heating Furnace?

A gas heating furnace runs on fuel such as natural gas as opposed to electricity. A gas heat furnace has a pilot light inside of its heat exchange device. The heat exchanger lives up to its name by taking in cold air, warming it, and sending it back into the interior of the home through the air duct system. When a person turns up the thermostat of a gas heating furnace a few things happen. One, the thermostat adjustment signals the fuel line to open. Two, the release of the fuel makes the pilot light’s flame grow stronger within the heat exchanger. Cold air from the home circulates into the heat exchanger, grows warm, and then circulates back out into the rooms of the home via the air ducts. A gas heat furnace does a thorough job of heating the rooms of a home in a balanced way. Homeowners who want to heat with natural gas must have an adequate system of air ducts in their home. Oftentimes, older homes don’t have a system of air ducts that suits the needs of a highly-efficient natural gas boiler heating system. These air ducts can sometimes be installed, but it is best for a homeowner to check with a licensed contractor concerning that issue.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Gas Heat Furnace?

One of the benefits of natural gas boilers for home heating is that there is always a supply of natural gas entering the boiler. The natural gas is brought in by pipes that are underground. Alternatively, with an oil furnace, a homeowner must schedule deliveries of oil. In that scenario, there is always a chance that the supply of oil will run out before the next delivery. Plus, the oil company may not be able to make the delivery right away leaving the household without heat for a time. Another major benefit is that today’s gas boilers for home heating have a design that meets very high standards of efficiency. This makes natural gas boilers for home heating more economical than other types of heating fuels. Another benefit of using natural gas boilers for home heating is cleanliness. Natural gas burns without leaving ashes or soot behind.

A Group of Experienced HVAC Heating and Cooling Specialists

The licensed contractors on this page serve residents of the southeastern United States specifically people living in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. They have experience repairing, maintaining, and installing gas boilers for home heating as well as many other types of HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning equipment. Many of the licensed contractors have NATE certification. The NATE, North American Technician Excellence, program is a well-respected certification process in the HVAC industry. The licensed contractors on this page have the experience and knowledge to offer advice about the best gas boilers for home heating as well as explain all of the details of a gas boiler heat system to a homeowner. In short, a resident of the southeastern United States can feel at ease contacting any of the licensed contractors on this list.

Quality HVAC Products

Whether a customer asks for a gas boiler heating system repair or another HVAC service, it takes more than a skilled contractor to get the job done in an effective way. An inventory of top quality HVAC products plays a huge part in a successful repair or installation. That’s why these licensed contractors affiliate themselves with two trusted manufacturers of HVAC equipment. They are the Bryant and Carrier companies. Both of these reliable manufacturers have a line of HVAC equipment that includes: heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, forced air, ductless, indoor air quality products, controls, thermostats as well as central heating and air conditioning systems. A commonality of these two HVAC manufacturers is that they both strive to create new ways to bring comfort into the homes of their customers. Carrier makes the Ideal Humidity System Technology, Comfort Heat Technology, the Hybrid Heat System, the Infinity Heating and Cooling System along with many other innovative products. Alternatively, Bryant makes the Thermidistat, Evolution Control, Serpentuff, and the AeroQuiet along with several other visionary products. The licensed contractors here want to provide their customers with the best products that the HVAC industry has to offer!

Finally, whether an individual is looking for a reliable, local contractor to repair an air conditioner or install an efficient natural gas boiler heating system, he or she will find an abundance of helpful information right here!

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