Have your HVAC system repaired by professionals!

Troubleshooting Tips

ACSoutheast.com is a website dedicated to providing residents of the southeast a resource for finding well trained representatives of Carrier® HVAC systems.  These dealers can answer simple air conditioner questions over the phone and provide in-home service, if necessary.  Should a new system be required, they are also able to help suggest the best system for your home and needs.

Occasionally your air conditioner may need service.  It is helpful to know a couple of things to check before calling for service.  These are easy and safe fixes that can save you time and money. Often directions can be found in your service guide or online, but it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. Furthermore, if your systems continues to trip a breaker, you should turn it off and immediately call a professional.  This indicates problem that cannot be resolved safely by the typical homeowner.

Once you have determined you need a professional to look at your unit, ACSoutheast.com is an excellent resource.  If you live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or South Carolina, ACSoutheast.com is here for you! We can put you in touch with a local, reliable professional to help you with your air conditioning needs, and many provide service 24/7.

Before you call a professional, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Are all the switches turned on properly?
  2. Is the thermostat set to the desired temperature?
  3. Have you attempted to locate and press the reset button?
  4. Are breakers on in your main electrical panel?
  5. Is the outside of the unit clear of any obstructions such as bushes or hedges?
  6. Is the filter clean?
  7. Is the air conditioning unit plugged in or connected to the power source properly?

If you have tried all of these things, and your air conditioner is still not functioning properly, AC Southeast® can help you find the right specialist for you.  ACSoutheast.com partners with organizations that sell and service trusted industry brands and many of the technicians who will work on your equipment are NATE certified.  We work with over 200 organizations to provide local, quick responses when you need AC help.

Before Your Service Appointment

Once you have found the right service professional, there are a few things you can do to make the appointment go more quickly and smoothly.

To prepare for an air conditioner service call:

  1. Make sure your system is accessible.  Remove anything blocking access.
  2. Make sure you know when the problem began.
  3. If you rent your property, make sure you obtain permission from your Landlord for the work
  4. Secure pets
  5. If your air conditioner or heat pump is frozen, unplug it and allow it to thaw before service

Next time you find yourself in a home that’s too warm, try some of these tips to cool off!  If they don’t work, rest assured that ACSoutheast.com has you covered with an extensive list of expert professionals who can help you get back to the cool home you need – search for the help you need now!

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