Proper AC Installation and Pre-Service Checklist

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AC Southeast® is a resource directory helping consumers find reliable air conditioner service contractors throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. With over two hundred specialists, many that are NATE certified, listed within our directory, we make it easy for you to find a local Factory Authorized Bryant® or Carrier® HVAC dealer that can answer any air conditioner installation questions you may have including how to install a window air conditioner properly or how to install air conditioner HEPA filters, or replacement parts. While it is possible to handle routine maintenance such as filter changes and other tasks on your own by following recommendations in the manual provided by the manufacturer, there may be times when routine maintenance or filter changes fail to correct issues with your air conditioner cooling properly. Take time to look over these pre-service tips before placing a call to your local air conditioner service contractor.

  1. Are all the switches turned on properly?
  2. Is the thermostat set to the desired temperature?
  3. Have you attempted to locate and press the reset button?
  4. Are breakers on in your main electrical panel?
  5. Is the outside of the unit clear of any obstructions such as bushes or hedges?
  6. Is the filter clean?
  7. Is the air conditioning unit plugged in or connected to the power source properly?

If you have checked all these issues and still cannot resolve any problems preventing your air conditioner from working properly, you may need to call a local air conditioner specialist for solutions to these issues who may be able to give you further tips on how to service an air conditioner by hiring one of the experts found on AC Southeast®. If you follow these tips or any recommendations given by a local air conditioning specialist and your air conditioner still will not turn on or continually kicks an electrical breaker off, do not attempt to use the unit until it has been inspected by a certified air conditioner service technician.

You may need to consider replacing a window air conditioner or installing additional window units if your home lacks central air conditioning and your present window unit is not keeping up with the demand for cool air when needed. Window air conditioners are usually easy to install. Most new models have built-in channels that fit standard window frames, and if it is a smaller unit, no additional framework or brackets are needed. For larger window units, an addition of a bracket on the outside of the unit attached to the side of your building just below the frame to help hold a heavy unit in place may be necessary. Always read the instructions provided with your new unit to be sure you fully understand how to install a window air conditioner safely. If a larger unit is awkward to handle be sure to have a friend to help lift the unit in place. It is always better to err on the side of safety than risk damaging yourself or your window AC. Measure for the placement of all screws needed to hold the air conditioner frame in place and pre-drill to make installation quicker once the unit is in the window. Slide accordion panels included with your window unit snugly in place and secure tightly with the screws provided. Securing angle brackets to the upper sash and the top of the bottom sash will prevent the weight of the air conditioner from forcing the window open when it is running. This can also provide extra security to prevent removal of the air conditioner without authorization. Once your window unit is in place you should place foam weather insulation stripping in the gap caused by the partially open window as well as in any gaps around the air conditioner frame. Sealing any gaps around your window unit will help maintain proper air temperature and prevent your unit from running excessively due to outdoor air entering around it.

Window unit air conditioners are an economical solution to cooling one or two rooms but may not be effective in providing consistent temperature control for larger areas or whole house cooling. Using our resources here at AC Southeast®, you can find information on other air conditioning options such as a mini-split ductless air conditioning system or explore options for having a central air conditioning system installed. All the Factory Authorized contractors you can find through our website have lots of experience in air conditioner installation and service. They will be happy to make recommendations as to how to install air conditioner units safely and efficiently. You may want to request a home energy inspection and discuss the best placement of your window units. With the specialized training that heating and air conditioning technicians receive from NATE as well as Bryant and Carrier, your local contractor understands various HVAC system designs. They can offer professional recommendations on how to best direct airflow throughout the home. They may also discuss other cooling system options or the use of portable fans that could increase cooling efficiency. Discuss your cooling needs including times when you may need more or less cool air to a single room or zone with an air conditioner specialist and they can often suggest ways to save you money if you are considering installing several window units.

Bryant and Carrier have been leaders in the HVAC industry since the early 1900s and have maintained their reputation for excellent products backed by their product warranties and exceptional customer service. For any questions concerning how to service an air conditioner unit, troubleshoot air conditioning problems of any kind, or to purchase air conditioners, parts, or service, you will need to contact your local air conditioner contractor. With the many local dealers located throughout the southeast, there is sure to be one near you ready to assist you in any way when you are ready to address your air conditioning concerns. We do not sell any HVAC parts or arrange for service or maintenance on any heating or air conditioning systems, we are a directory resource helping you locate the HVAC experts throughout the southeast quickly and easily.

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