6 Energy-Efficient Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Published on: August 22, 2015
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If you’ve used a traditional thermostat for years, you know these devices make it difficult to maximize your energy usage. With a broad range of features, however, smart thermostats make saving energy a breeze. Here are six energy-efficient benefits you’ll enjoy with a smart thermostat.

Daily Energy Savings

One of the biggest ways Mississippi homeowners can save energy with a smart thermostat is by taking advantage of this gadget’s ability to accept multiple temperature settings throughout the day. Instead of setting a single temperature for the entire day or remembering to change the thermostat manually when leaving the house, you can program up to six timed temperature settings on a smart thermostat.

Set the thermostat a bit higher when your family leaves for work and school all day, and program your air conditioner to start cooling your home right before you plan to return home. You can also program different temperature settings throughout the night, to maximize energy savings while your family sleeps. Instead of keeping your thermostat’s settings the same throughout the week, you can program a different range of temperatures on the weekend and during the week to match your household’s activities. Energy Star estimates that smart thermostats can help you decrease your energy needs while saving more than $10 per month on your utility bill.

Weather Fluctuations

Though summer temperatures typically remain hot and humid throughout the southeastern U.S., thunderstorms, hurricanes, and unpredictable weather patterns can throw even the most carefully programmed thermostat settings for a loop. Smart thermostats come with Wi-Fi connections, and many models use that connection to monitor weather forecasts.

When your smart thermostat can anticipate temperature, humidity, and storm activity four to seven days in advance, it can adjust its activity accordingly. Whether a heat wave or a hurricane is on the horizon, planning helps both your smart thermostat and air conditioner save energy.

Schedule Changes

Your family’s schedule might run like clockwork most of the time, but baseball games, impromptu date nights, and spontaneous weekend plans mean you might not be home quite as often as you’ve planned. With a smart thermostat, you won’t have to worry that your air conditioner is scheduled to cool off your home while no one’s around to enjoy the cool air.

Most smart thermostats allow homeowners to connect their devices via Wi-Fi. That means you can log in and update your home’s settings from work, school, or the baseball diamond to ensure your air conditioner won&’t run until you need it.

Seasonal Programming Options

It may seem like summer lasts for nine months of the year in the southeastern U.S., but seasonal changes mean you don’t want your air conditioner to run on the same schedule throughout the year. Smart thermostats typically have seasonal programming options, so you can set your system to decrease air conditioner usage and reduce energy consumption in the fall and winter. Program your system’s seasonal changes ahead of time, and let your smart thermostat adjust for the weather as necessary.

Automatic Cooling and Heating Switches

You may be a few months away from wanting to think about turning on your home’s heater, but with a smart thermostat you won’t have to give it another thought. Many models automatically switch your system from cooling to heating when the time is right. This easy switch makes fall and spring much more comfortable seasons in your home, and it will help you save energy, too.

Maintenance Reminders

Smart thermostats encourage you to let them do the thinking, but you won’t be able to maximize your energy savings without some manual intervention from time to time. Keep an eye on the reminders that your smart thermostat provides, and be sure to change your air filters and plan other preventative maintenance as necessary. Scheduling regular preventative maintenance for your air conditioner ensures that it won’t waste energy during the season you need it the most.

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