Air Conditioner Tune Ups Have Great Value

Published on: February 20, 2013

Tune ups are an important aspect of regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. The HVAC system is likely the most expensive and one of the most important investments in your home. Replacement equipment and air conditioner repairs can become quite costly. By scheduling a regular tune-up on your system each year, you can keep the equipment working at peak efficiency.

HVAC equipment maintenance can be compared to changing the oil in your car. You probably change the oil in your vehicle every 3000 miles or so. You know that changing the oil is part of regular maintenance that will keep your car running well, improve gas mileage and keep you informed of potential problems, such as oil leaks. Preventative maintenance and tune-ups for your air conditioning system also keep your equipment running well, improves energy efficiency and keeps you informed of potential problems with your system. Air conditioner tune-ups have value for extending the life of your HVAC equipment.

What is Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance?

During a preventative maintenance visit, your equipment will be inspected by a highly trained HVAC professional. In addition, the HVAC technician lubricates any moving parts, recharges the refrigerant (if needed), and performs several safety checks. Some of the tasks that are performed during a preventative maintenance check-up include:

  • Inspection of system pressure and coolant levels
  • Check of system air flow and filters
  • Inspection and cleaning of evaporator coil
  • Inspection and adjustment of contacts, connections and wiring
  • Inspection and adjustment of capacitors and relays
  • Condensate drain check and clearing, if needed
  • Inspection and cleaning of condenser
  • Inspection of the outdoor disconnect
  • Inspection and adjustment of blades and motor
  • Lubrication of blades and motor, if needed
  • Compressor amp startup check

Do I Need a Professional Inspection Each Year?

The technician brings special tools and equipment that enable him or her to perform a complete inspection on your system. Although you can perform several important maintenance tasks throughout the year, the HVAC professional is qualified and experienced with HVAC equipment. They are aware of common equipment failures and can check your system for wear and tear during the maintenance inspection. If a certain part is showing wear, the technician will provide you with advice about component or part replacement before your system requires expensive repairs.

Most homeowners do not have the equipment or experience to add refrigerant to their air conditioning system, for example. If your system’s freon level is low, the HVAC technician is prepared to add refrigerant to your system and inspect for leaks. HVAC technicians also carry equipment to check electrical connections and contacts, as well as wet and dry bulb temperatures. Unless you are experienced with HVAC equipment, air conditioner tune ups are best left to AC professionals. The professional tune up provides you with peace of mind, in addition to keeping your system well maintained.

How Often Does My Air Conditioner Need to Be Tuned Up?

You should schedule preventative maintenance for your system at least once per year. Many HVAC companies offer service contracts which provide additional benefits along with annual preventative maintenance. When you purchase a service contract with an HVAC company, you will probably receive a discounted price on the annual preventative maintenance check, as well. Some companies also offer discounts on parts and labor, priority service calls and other benefits to customers with whom they have service contracts. Check with your local HVAC company for more information about service contracts for annual maintenance tune ups.

Benefits of Regular Preventative Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

The benefits of regular preventative HVAC maintenance are many. AC contractors perform tasks during a tune up that will keep your equipment performing well to efficiently cool your home. A well maintained system will keep your home comfortable when the high temperatures hit.

– Energy Efficiency

A well maintained system also uses less energy to operate. Keeping your AC system tuned up will keep the system cooling your home as energy efficiently as possible. A dirty coil, blocked air flow and other issues that develop over time will cause your system to use more energy to cool your home. The more energy your system uses, the more money you will pay in energy costs.

– Advanced Notice of Possible Repairs

Regular preventative maintenance allows the HVAC technician to identify potential problems with your system before they develop into expensive repair issues. For example, one of the components that frequently requires replacement in AC systems is the capacitor. The capacitor is an inexpensive component, but if this part fails, the AC system stops generating cool air. If the capacitor exhibits signs of wear, the technician can let you know that you need to replace this part before an emergency repair visit is needed.

– Peace of Mind

One of the main benefits of regular maintenance is that you will have the peace of mind knowing that your system has been inspected and approved by a professional. You can rest in the knowledge that your HVAC equipment is in working order and using energy efficiently. Air conditioner tune-ups have value for these reasons and more.

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