Benefits of the New Heating Systems

Published on: September 28, 2012

If you have not checked your local HVAC company for the latest technological advancements in a few years, it may be time for an upgrade in your living space. Overall, the HVAC industry has gone through a number of upgrades that can help home owners save money and increase their standard of living. The cost of having a new AC installation is well worth the money spent. The upgrades in a new heating system pay themselves back in a matter of months if the heating system is correctly implemented into the Birmingham, AL living space.

Below are a few tips to apply to the next heating system upgrade that you undergo:

One – Look for a heating system company in Birmingham that sells dual compressor systems.

With a single compressor heating system, the workload of the entire air conditioner is placed on one hub. In extreme weather conditions like those that are quite prevalent in the southern United States, these single compressor systems were often taxed beyond their limits. This causes higher repair and replacement bills, as well as higher heating and cooling bills for homeowners on a monthly basis.

The new trend in upgraded modern HVAC systems is the dual compressor format. Not only does the dual compressor divide up the workload of the air conditioning unit between two separate independent hubs, it also increases the amount of overload that the heating system can take. This avoids those sudden mishaps and exorbitant repair bills that usually come from an overworked air conditioning system.

Two – Look for a Birmingham heating and AC company that sells multi-filter systems.

Before the most modern upgrades in the HVAC industry market, air conditioning systems came with a single-filter that was expected to catch all of the contaminants in the outside air. Although this was a fairly effective system for its time and place, the multi-filter system upgrade is quickly becoming the modern standard. It far outpaces the antiquated single-filter methodology.

A multi-filter system uses many different filters in order to maximize the percentage of each different type of contaminant that is caught by the system. The filter for pollen agents is different from the filter for viruses, which is different from the filter for mold spores.

The multi-filter system not only helps clear the indoor air and improves the health of those in the Birmingham living space, it also saves the homeowner a great deal of money. Cleaner air can be more efficiently run through an air conditioning system. This means less work for the system, which means less energy used overall. Less energy usage translates into lower monthly heating bills and less repairs to be made to the air conditioning system over its lifetime.

Three – Energy efficiency is not the enemy any more.

The words “energy efficiency” used to mean “less energy to heat and cool your home.” Sometimes energy efficient systems of the past were simply too weak to properly condition the air in a living space. The only reason that the systems were more efficient is because the output was purposely weakened.

Today, the energy efficiency of a system is contingent upon the actual efficiency of the system, not in simply reducing the output so that the machine uses less energy. The same amount of work that is done by an older system can be done by a modern system with less energy, but not less output power. If you are looking to upgrade your system, you can now look for the energy efficiency stickers that are proudly displayed on some units. They will save you money on monthly bills without reducing your quality of life.