Beware of These Problems with Your Home Heating in Birmingham

Published on: November 16, 2012

Birmingham AL winters are generally mild, but there have been occasional instances of harsh temperatures. It’s easy to ignore your home heating system because of weather trends in the area, but this can leave you vulnerable to a system failure at an inopportune time. Prevention of malfunctions isn’t always possible, but it’s important to take every step possible to make sure that your home heating in Birmingham is operating optimally before the winter weather sets in. There are some problems that can be handled without a professional, but there are others that demand the attention of a trained contractor.

One of the most important problems with home heating systems is easy to deal with. A clean filter is essential for good system operation. It’s easy to check, but many people don’t think about this simple factor. Place a note on your calendar so that you will examine your filter before the weather becomes chilly enough to demand use of your home heating in Birmingham. A slight amount of dust isn’t serious. If there is a significant amount of dirt, then replace your filter right away so that you are ready for lower temperatures. If you notice mold on your filter, this is a great time to enlist the assistance of a contractor in Birmingham AL for duct cleaning as molds can affect the health of your family. The climate in the area is humid enough throughout the year that mold growth is a serious concern.

Try out your home heating system when you change the filter. Your thermostat settings can be adjusted at this point so that you don’t have to worry about figuring them out on an icy morning. If you have an older thermostat, this is an ideal time to think about replacing it with a wireless model that can be monitored and adjusted remotely. Such thermostats can be managed through computers or smartphone applications, making it easy for you to adjust your home climate settings from just about anywhere. This is a convenience measure for some and a money-saving measure for others.

This is the time to verify that your heater is working. Turning it on and checking the conditions at each vent will allow you to quickly note and deal with serious problems like poor airflow and lack of heat. Duct sealing may be required to improve airflow while a professional analysis of your heat pump or furnace is required to find out why there isn’t any heat. In either case, handling the problem when the weather is nice will allow you to have everything operational before the transition to winter temperatures.

During the winter, there are certain events and situations that can leave you more vulnerable to a home heating system failure. Early winter failures are often related to poor maintenance or aging systems. There can be a flood of service calls at this point because many families are turning on their units for the first time. If temperatures aren’t severe, you may be a little inconvenienced but not endangered by slow response times. It’s helpful to let your contractor know, however, if you care for elderly individuals or youngsters in your home so that your service can be provided more quickly. System failures during severe temperatures can be more serious for these individuals, and it may be necessary to find alternate accommodations until repairs can be handled.

Seasonal storms have the ability to affect your home heating in Birmingham. Record lows in the area have been below zero, and a heating failure in such cases can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s important to check the condition of outside equipment if there is a serious winter storm. It’s also important to make sure that your utility company isn’t the source of the problem. If there aren’t outages and your system isn’t working, then you should get in touch with a contractor immediately for repair services.

When you seek help for repairing your home heating unit, it’s important to take note of warranty requirements related to your system. If your system is older, it may no longer be covered by a warranty, but it’s important to make sure before you contact a contractor. If your system is reasonably new, then it probably is still under warranty. If your warranty requires that you use an authorized representative of the brand for repair services, then you need to use this information as you look for the right company to fix your unit. If you fail to comply with warranty guidelines, you might be responsible for the full cost of repairs. Conversely, complying with your warranty guidelines may save you a lot of money on repair of a covered system.

If your system is covered in the scope of a home warranty, then you need to follow the directions included in your paperwork for obtaining service. This can be an important money-saving step. Most major systems are included when a home warranty is provided, and repair or replacement of a heating unit is costly enough that you want to make sure that you comply with your warranty terms.

If your system is older, a replacement may be in order. Having to replace this system during severe seasonal events isn’t ideal, and working with a reputable contractor over time can provide you with a good idea of when the need for a replacement unit is close. Dealing with this issue before the temperatures drop will ensure you of a more pleasant transition from fall to winter.