How You Can Reduce Your AC and Water Heating Costs

Published on: May 9, 2012

As a homeowner in Birmingham, AL, your AC and water heating costs may consume more of your budget than you like. By performing maintenance, making some changes in your home or installing appliances with better energy efficiency, you can reduce the cost of your water heating and air conditioning services. Our air conditioning service technicians explain how improving the energy efficiency of your air conditioner and hot water heater can reduce your utility costs.

Air Conditioning Service
Preventive maintenance services for your air conditioning system will help reduce your air conditioning costs. Our air conditioning service technicians recommend an annual tune-up of your air conditioning system, usually in the spring before the hot weather arrives in Birmingham, AL. Our maintenance services include cleaning and lubricating the air conditioner’s motor and fan, cleaning the coils of the evaporator and condenser and replacing your system’s air filter. All of these maintenance activities improve the energy efficiency of your system and reduce your energy costs.

High Energy Efficiency Appliances
Over years of use, your hot water heater and air conditioning system not only lose efficiency but their efficiency level pales in comparison to the newest models available. Today’s newest water heaters and air conditioning systems offer high levels of energy efficiency and significantly reduce the cost of cooling your home and heating your water. When our air conditioning service technicians install a high efficiency HVAC system in your home, you will notice up to 20 percent savings on your monthly energy costs. A new hot water heater could save you additional tens or even hundreds of dollars each year on electricity or natural gas costs.

Around Your Home
Our air conditioning service technicians recommend taking a few simple actions around your home to increase energy efficiency. Insulating your hot water heater can considerably lower the cost of water heating. Replace your air conditioner’s filter each month to improve the efficiency of your system. Keep the area around your hot water heater, air blower and outdoor condenser unit free of clutter and debris so that these systems can operate at optimal performance levels.