AC Tune-ups Really Save Money. Here’s How.

Published on: May 9, 2012

If the air conditioning repair bills for your Athens, Georgia home are getting too high, consider scheduling a preventative maintenance exam for your air conditioner and duct cleaning instead. Both preventative maintenance and duct cleaning help improve the air quality in your home as well as save you money. If you have never scheduled duct cleaning and preventative maintenance for your air conditioner, plan to add both tasks to your spring cleaning checklist this year. You will be very glad that you did.

During a typical routine maintenance tune-up conducted by an air conditioning repair company, a service technician will go through a checklist of 20 or more points and share the results with you. A professional air conditioning repair company will change the air filter on your air conditioner, check fluid levels, lubricate moving parts, and check for clogged or broken tubes and more. After the preventative maintenance tune-up is completed, you should receive a report outlining all services performed. The report will also indicate any problems detected by the air conditioning repair company. You then have the option of arranging service with the air conditioning repair company at a later date.

When you invest in routine maintenance for your air conditioner, you can expect it to run more efficiently and keep you more comfortable. It can also help to prevent major breakdowns and large repair bills later in the season. Most importantly, an annual tune-up can extend the life of your air conditioner by several years. This saves you the cost of having to replace your unit too early.

Duct cleaning is just as important as air conditioner maintenance when it comes to comfort and keeping your utility bills low. You have probably never considered duct cleaning because you don’t realize what an important role your ductwork plays in keeping your Athens home cool. Your air ducts are connected to your air conditioner and help to distribute cool air throughout your home. When they are filled with mold, dust and other debris, the entire cooling system becomes inefficient. You can help prevent this by including duct cleaning with your annual HVAC exam.