Beware of Problems with Heating Contractors in Athens

Published on: October 26, 2012

When you need HVAC repairs or installation services in Athens GA, you will be faced with the task of screening heating contractors to find the best company for the job. Too many people have horror stories about selecting disreputable heating contractors in Athens, which is why it is important to understand the problems you may face if you do not hire the right company.

Beware of problems you may deal when hiring less than professional heating contracting companies. Such problems may include:

1.) Overcharge for service

There are many ways a disreputable HVAC company can soak you for charges. If you need a simple repair, the company may claim that you need several components replaced. The company may even tell you that you need an entirely new system. Now, there are reasons why you may want to replace an old heating system with a new one. Such reasons include energy savings and avoiding future repairs. However, you should be provided with an honest assessment of the repairs required for your system to keep the unit up and running, should you so choose. Heating contractors should never sell you repairs that are not necessary. An excellent heating contractor may provide you with insight with regards to worn parts that may eventually need repairs. However, you should never feel like you have been oversold in your interaction with the HVAC company.

2.) Trustworthy technicians

Some unfortunate homeowners have discovered the hard way that not all people who claim to be HVAC professionals are reliable. Hiring a technician who is not trustworthy may have grave consequences for you, your home and your family. One of the most important factors when screening heating contractors in Athens GA is to find out who the contractor hires for their technicians. Many HVAC companies now advertise that they perform drug testing and background screening on technicians before they hire them. Additionally, reputable heating contractors in Athens will require that their technicians maintain valid industry certifications, such as NATE.

A reputable heating and air conditioning company will also be licensed and insured. Should the unthinkable happen and your house is damaged at the hands of one of their technicians, the company is insured to cover the damages. When screening heating contractors, learn how the company determines the quality and integrity of the technicians they hire. Don’t take chances on a company that does not guarantee the integrity and quality of their workforce.

3.) Difficult to contact

When screening heating contractors, you need to be sure that the company you choose is easy to contact. In fact, the company should provide emergency contact information and provide emergency service around the clock. A good heating and air conditioning contractor will offer service anytime of the day or night. However, beware that companies are free to charge more for service calls outside the normal business hours.

When screening heating contractors for your Athens GA HVAC job, be sure that the company you choose will be ready and willing to provide emergency service should your system break down in the middle of the night or over the weekend. Make sure that the phones are answered by a member of the company’s staff when you call. If you call a company and the phone rings and rings, or goes to voice mail, consider this as a red flag. An excellent company will answer the phone on the first or second ring. Only on rare occasions would the call end up going to voice mail.

4.) Lack of experience.

Some heating contractors with good motives and plenty of integrity may simply be too inexperienced to handle complex HVAC installations and repairs. This is why you should check the history of the company to find out how long the company has been in business. Well-meaning new graduates of HVAC vocational training courses may be attempting to get their feet wet by opening a contracting company. They may have every intention of providing customers with good service. However, they may simply not have the experience to do so.

When you hire a heating and air conditioning company, one factor that will tell you that the company knows what they are doing is that they have been in business in Athens GA for several years. A reputable and honest company will be able to provide you with customer testimonials and references. A good company will have excellent reviews on public review sites, such as Yelp.

When screening contractors for your HVAC job, finding out as much as you can about each company is one way to ensure that you will receive excellent service at a fair rate. Be sure to take some time and learn about the company you are considering hiring to perform any HVAC job.