Considering a Service Agreement for Your AC & Heating System? If Not, Here’s Why You Should

Published on: February 23, 2012

If the cost of air conditioning and heater repair and installation for your Athens, GA home is breaking your household budget, consider contacting a local HVAC dealer to enroll in a maintenance service agreement. If you are reluctant to pay the annual fee for a service plan, look through the costs of air conditioning and heater repair and installation for your Athens, GA home over the past year and compare the total to the cost of a service plan. It should be pretty evident that regular preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money.


Most HVAC companies in Athens, GA offer maintenance contracts that are fairly similar. A service technician from the company comes to your home or business to inspect your air conditioner in the spring and your furnace in the fall. One of the biggest benefits of preventative maintenance is that a technician can detect and correct small problems before they become more difficult and expensive to fix. Without routine maintenance from an Athens, GA professional air conditioning and heater repair and installation company, your heating and cooling units could stop working prematurely. An investment in preventative maintenance can add several years to the lifespan of both your heating and cooling units.


In addition to the bi-annual inspection appointments, most air conditioning and heater repair and installation companies in Athens GA, offer additional benefits to plan members. These may include same-day priority scheduling for non-emergency appointments, a discount on parts and labor, non-published discounts or coupons and other perks. Since each HVAC company offers slightly different service agreements, check with a representative to find out exactly what a plan entails before you purchase it. Some companies even offer automatic annual renewal so you don’t have to remember to do it.


When you have your bi-annual inspection performed, the service technician should provide you with a list of tips to keep your air conditioner and furnace running well between appointments. This typically includes easy solutions, such as changing your filters regularly. If you need additional work performed, ask for a written cost estimate before scheduling another appointment.