First Steps to Take When You Have an AC or Heating Problem in Your Athens, GA Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

Homeowners in Athens, GA need help with many different kinds of HVAC problems. When contacting customer service staff, they are often unable to describe the problem clearly. People who encounter problems with their HVAC system should not panic. Calling an air conditioning and heating repair and installation emergency team is sometimes unnecessary.

Athens, GA homeowners should do a proper assessment before requesting emergency service from a 24/7 standby air conditioning and heating repair and installation team. Problems related to power may need an electrician instead of HVAC technicians. This can happen in cases when the system does not turn on. Homeowners should do their part in checking the electrical source that powers their heating and cooling units. Most of the time, there is an issue with the main source or the circuit breaker. Plug the power cord in and switch the unit on. If the problem persists, call for HVAC service. Assessment should always be the first step to diagnose problems. With this, homeowners can explain the problem to customer support agents who will send the right person to do the job.

It is very helpful for air conditioning and heating repair and installation companies to receive complete details when a customer has a problem. This provides them with an idea of who to send to handle the problem. If there is an issue with the electricity, they will send electricians. Otherwise, they will send Athens, GA HVAC technicians.

Another common problem is insufficient temperature distribution in certain parts of the house. In these cases, homeowners in Athens, GA should conduct their own assessment. Checking on the system and observing the sound, smell and temperature provides relevant information. This allows an air conditioning and heating repair and installation team to get ready for the job. In addition, homeowners should prepare preventative maintenance reports before calling. This promotes fast diagnosis and response from the Athens GA service team.