How to Contend with Mold Growth in the Drip Pan

Published on: July 31, 2012

Mold in the home may present health problems and mold growth must be promptly remedied. If you spot mold growth in the drip pan of your heating and AC system, it is important that you deal with it right away. If you have discovered mold growth in the HVAC drip pan, your indoor air quality may be compromised, as well.

To Contend with Mold in the Drip Pan

Mold growth occurs when conditions are right for its growth and reproduction. One factor that is necessary is moisture. Because HVAC drip pans are designed to capture moisture, the pans are one area where mold is commonly found. Drip pans are designed to drain as wastewater, so if moisture is accumulating in the drain pan, the first order of business is to check the drain. Ensure that the drain is not clogged and that water is draining from the drip pan.

Hire an Air Conditioning Maintenance Company to Clean the AC System

Next, the drip pan and coils of the heating and AC system need to be thoroughly cleaned. An air conditioning maintenance service will clean the coils, the drip pan and make sure the drain is flowing properly. If mold is found in the drip pan, there may be mold growing on the coils, as well. An air conditioning maintenance service professional will clean the mold and debris from the coils and will check the system for any other factors that may be contributing to mold growth.

During a professional AC system cleaning, other components of the unit are cleaned and checked, as well. The air conditioning maintenance service will provide you a list of the cleaning tasks they will perform prior to starting the job. In addition, the service will check to determine and verify the cause of the mold growth. Though mold growth in the drip pan usually indicates a clogged drain in the pan, mold may be spreading from another location within the system. Once the cause of the mold is determined, the HVAC professional will prescribe a remedy to ensure that mold growth does not recur.

Duct Cleaning

Finally, if you have found mold growth in the HVAC drip pan or anywhere else in the home, you may have mold spores circulating throughout your home. A complete duct and ventilation system cleaning should be performed to clean mold spores, bacteria and other contaminants out of the ductwork and ventilation. An air conditioning maintenance company will be able to perform duct cleaning, or if they do not do the work, they will be able to recommend a company for you.

Duct cleaning is important if you have discovered mold in the home. Because mold may present a health risk to you and your family, you should take steps to ensure that all mold and mold spores are removed from the home as soon as possible. When you hire an air conditioning maintenance company or a company that specializes in ductwork cleaning, the cleaning technician will also make sure that there is no mold buildup in or around the ductwork. If the technician finds additional mold, they may be required to take additional steps to clear the mold from the system.

Change or Clean Filters

Once the AC system has been checked and cleaned, and the source of the mold has been remedied, you will need to change or clean all filters for your system. Remember that if you have mold in the home, you likely have mold spores in the air. Mold spores compromise the indoor air quality and may contribute to several illnesses. You will also need to clean or change all filters because these filters likely have mold spores in the fibers or screens.

Thoroughly Clean the Home

To ensure that mold spores are minimized, clean all carpets, drapes and furniture. Because mold spores may compromise the health of you or your family, you will need to take steps to ensure that all deposits from the mold growth are removed from the home. You may even want to hire a professional cleaning service to clean all surfaces of the home, especially if your or a member of your family is adversely affected by poor air quality. Elderly people and children tend to be more affected by poor indoor air quality. If you notice that your children’s eyes are irritated, they are sneezing excessively or they exhibit any other health issues, be sure to have them treated by a physician.

Mold is a serious matter and, though mold in an AC system drip pan may be easily cleaned, the effects of mold may have manifest throughout the home. An air conditioning maintenance service will provide you with additional information regarding how to do to keep your AC system, as well as your ductwork system, free from mold.