The Importance of Heating System Repair in Athens GA

Published on: September 28, 2012

Energy costs can be contained in some ways, but it’s often a high energy bill that alerts a household to the fact that an important system is malfunctioning. Seasonal issues can impact the use of energy, especially during seasons that usher in unusual extremes. The need for heating system repair in Athens GA may seem unusual because the climate tends to be mild throughout the year. While the area doesn’t experience severe temperatures during the winter, the lows are chilly enough to necessitate use of the heating system. Any system that is used can experience a malfunction.

The worst times of system failure are those that occur during the chilliest months. December, January and February have average low temperatures in the mid-30s, making these the times of heaviest use of the heating system. Heavy use often leads to malfunctions. Unfortunately, these events are the most challenging from a comfort standpoint. They can also be financially challenging because of their correspondence to holiday shopping and expenses. However, the severity of temperatures is not as extreme as in Northern locations, and heating system repair in Athens GA should be accomplished efficiently with little discomfort and minimal inconvenience for your family. It’s important to attend to such repairs quickly, though, so that you aren’t left without heat during cold nights. Working with a licensed contractor, you can return to optimum home temperatures right away.

Because the Athens area experiences mild temperatures, there is always the possibility that the heating system will be required early in the autumn and late in the spring. Though the temperatures aren’t severe, there are occasional temperature swings that can lead to an occasional need to warm your home. During the beginning of cold weather, it’s ideal to take stock of your system’s operation in order to be sure that things are working correctly before winter sets in. Filter changes are practical for assuring minimal stress on your system. It’s also helpful to survey your home for drafts and for areas that may experience heat exchange that will add to the demand on your system.

Cracked caulking around windows should be removed and replaced. Sealing around door closures should also be inspected. If your attic isn’t well-insulated, it is worthwhile to examine the possibility of replacing or installing appropriate insulation in order to limit heat loss through the roof. You may also want to have ductwork inspected for leaks in order to be sure that your system is efficiently working throughout the home. A company that specializes in heating system repair in Athens GA can also conduct many of these maintenance procedures in your home in order to make sure that you aren’t wasting money through ineffective heating.

An energy audit is a worthwhile investment in order to determine how well your home is performing in both heating and cooling. If you are new to a home, this will establish a benchmark for assessing your heating and cooling demands throughout the year. Serious problems can be brought to your attention and fixed before they have the chance to increase your energy expenses. If you have been in your home for a while and notice that energy use is increasing either gradually or dramatically, you can enlist the help of a professional in diagnosing possible problems. Heating and cooling units can be serious culprits in the case of an unusually high power bill, but it’s also possible that unexpected systems can affect your costs. With the assistance of a professional, you can eliminate your heating system as the root of the issue or isolate it as the source of the problem. Subtle leaks and problems can have a surprising impact on your bill. Sometimes, the only effective means of diagnosis is enlisting an HVAC professional to survey the system.

Preparing in advance of cold weather will help limit your vulnerability to a mid-winter malfunction. It’s important to get to know your climate and to find out when to expect significant temperature changes. Assessing your heater in advance will assure that it is in good working condition as temperatures drop. Keep your contact information for heating system repair in Athens GA handy so that you can obtain quick service in a time of need.