The Role of Condensers and Coils in the Operation of Your Athens, GA HVAC System

Published on: April 25, 2012

Your air conditioning and heating system contains hundreds of separate mechanical and electrical components that all work together to cool and warm your Athens, GA home. When it comes to the functioning of your air conditioning and heating system, the condenser and coils play a leading role in its operation. Our air conditioning and heating service technicians explain the role and importance of these mechanical parts of your HVAC system.


How Condensers and Coils Work
The condenser works together with the compressor and the fan as the outdoor portion of your air conditioning and heating system. The condenser passes the high temperature, high pressure refrigerant in gas form through the coils, where the gas cools into a liquid. The fan blows air across the coils to cool the gas. The leftover heat is dissipated to the outdoors. The refrigerant, now liquid, is returned indoors to absorb more heat and humidity from the air in your Athens, GA home.


Importance of Condensers and Coils
The condenser and coils are what allows the hot air to be removed from your home and refreshed with cool air during the summer. In the winter, when you change the setting on your thermostat to the heat function, this cycle is reversed. During the winter months, the refrigerant is passed through the coils and into your home in a gaseous state and supplies heat from the outdoors to warm your indoor air. Condensers and coils are the workhorses of your air conditioning and heating system. Without these two components, no heat exchange could take place between your home and the outdoors. This means that no cooling of your home would occur during the hot and humid summer months.


Maintenance and Repairs
The condenser and coils require a full charge of refrigerant in order to do their work. The coils must be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, grass, twigs and dust which interfere with the transfer of heat. With an annual tune-up of your air conditioning and heating system, your condenser and coils will operate for many years.