5 Signs That Your Ductwork is Leaking Air

Published on: July 20, 2012

An HVAC system is only as effective as the ductwork that moves the cooled or heated air throughout the structure. Making sure that your ductwork is not leaking air will save you money in energy costs. Leaking ductwork may add as much as 20% to your energy bill. Because large amounts of conditioned air are lost through leaks in ductwork, ensure that your ductwork is well sealed and free from leaks. In addition, leaky, clogged or dirty ductwork forces the heating unit and air conditioner to work harder to condition the air. Leaking, clogged and dirty ductwork may eventually lead to expensive AC service calls, air conditioner replacement, or furnace repair.

Five signs that your ductwork is leaking air include:


1.) Some rooms in the house are difficult to heat or cool, or some rooms are stuffy and congested.

One sign that air may be leaking from your ductwork, or that your ductwork may be dirty or clogged, is that certain areas or rooms in the house are harder to heat in the winter or cool in the summer. All rooms in the house should be the same temperature if your HVAC unit is working properly and all ductwork is sealed and clean.

2.) There are kinked or sharp bends in the ductwork system.

If some of the ductwork has become kinked or bent over time, you likely have a leaky duct system. The kinked or bent portion of the duct system may be replaced by one of our AC service technicians.

3.) You have high energy costs in the winter and summer months.

Though energy bills will tend to be higher in the coldest and warmest months of the year, excessive energy costs may be due to a leaky duct system.

4.) There is ductwork is exposed in certain areas of the house, such as the garage, the attic, a crawlspace, or an unfinished basement.

Exposed ductwork is easily punctured, which will produce a leak in the system. If you have exposed ductwork in areas of the home, call us and we will send one of our qualified, professional AC service technicians to check and diagnose your ductwork system.

5.) The home is excessively dusty, even with regular cleaning.

Excessive dust on furniture, shelving units and other items in the home may indicate that there is a leak in the ductwork system.

Any of the above signals may indicate that you have a leaky ductwork system or that you need a thorough air duct cleaning.

A duct system that is well sealed and clean will ensure that your home is safe and will keep your energy costs low. Our AC service technicians can repair your ductwork and provide air duct cleaning to ensure that the air flows freely through your ductwork. Free flowing air will ensure that each room of the house is cooled and heated appropriately and no area is stuffy, muggy, or difficult to heat/cool. An air duct cleaning will blow out any debris that has collected inside the ductwork.


Our professional AC service technicians provide air duct cleaning services, as well as repairs, to leaky ductwork. If you suspect an air duct cleaning is needed for your system, call our AC service company. We will find and resolve your issues. We are responsive, prompt and will make sure the air is flowing freely throughout your house.

For other AC service needs, give us a call. Don’t continue to pay high energy costs if you don’t have to. We provide a wide range of HVAC services in addition to ductwork repairs and air duct cleaning services. Call us today for service.