Call for Affordable HVAC Service in Atlanta

Published on: December 14, 2012

When you need HVAC service in Atlanta, there are several factors you need to consider before scheduling an appointment. Does the HVAC company offer the services you need and is it available at hours that are convenient to you? Is it licensed and insured in the state of Georgia? What level of experience do their service technicians possess? These are all important questions to ask when you are checking into an Atlanta heating and cooling company for the first time.

In general, you can expect local dealerships to offer the following types of HVAC Service:

  • Emergency and routine repairs
  • Preventative maintenance for your heating system and air conditioner
  • New installation of HVAC equipment
  • Sales of new air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats, dehumidifiers and related products

Increasingly, more HVAC service companies are offering home energy audits, ductwork cleaning and indoor air quality evaluations. HVAC dealers realize that people are more concerned about saving money, the environment and their health than they have been in the past. Some heating and cooling companies are also licensed to provide plumbing and electrical work.

Working with an HVAC Service Company for New Installation

Your heating and cooling equipment represents a major financial investment as well as a significant part of your household budget every month. That is why the decision to replace it is such a huge one. You must consider many things, such as the budget of your home or business, your heating and cooling needs, the space you have available for new equipment and the comfort needs of each individual in the dwelling. When faced with this decision, it is worth your time to consult with a professional HVAC service company. A service technician can help you evaluate your needs and make a recommendation on whether you should replace your current HVAC system or continue to pay to repair it.

If you decide to go ahead with new installation, it is extremely important to pay attention to the energy efficiency rating of the unit you wish to purchase. Air conditioners have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating to help you determine how much it costs to run the unit for an entire cooling season. Heat pumps are evaluated based on the Heat Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and new furnaces are assigned an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. A knowledgeable service technician should be able to explain these ratings to you in great detail before you schedule your new installation appointment. You should also ask for a free cost estimate for both parts and labor. The estimate should provide information about extended warranties offered by the manufacturer as well as any service guarantees offered by the local HVAC dealer.

Arranging for Professional HVAC Repair

If you get the opportunity, schedule an appointment for routine repairs with one of our local HVAC contractors to evaluate the company’s performance. This will help you to feel more comfortable if you should ever experience a sudden heating or cooling emergency. Although most HVAC contractors are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency service requests, it is important to verify this before you are dealing with an emergency. In stressful situations, people don’t always think clearly or make the most cost-effective decisions.

The service technicians who come to your home or business should be able to repair all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Our team of HVAC contractors is a Factory Authorized Dealer for the Bryant brand of equipment. They have an excellent reputation within the HVAC industry.

Preventative Maintenance is Very Important

The best way to build a relationship with a local heating and cooling company is to sign up for a preventative maintenance service contract. This entitles you to a comprehensive tune-up of your air conditioner in the spring and your heating system in the fall. The technicians get to know your heating and cooling equipment and what to expect from each unit. They can let you know when your systems need repair and perform the work themselves.

HVAC equipment that is regularly maintained responds by being much more energy efficient than equipment that is neglected. You should notice an immediate difference in your monthly utility bills and your level of comfort when you schedule your regular professional tune-ups.

Lower Your Energy Costs with a Home Performance Evaluation

Many local HVAC dealers have trained their service technicians to perform home energy evaluations for their customers. When you request a home performance evaluation, a professional auditor inspects and tests each piece of equipment in your home. This includes your air conditioner, ductwork, furnace or heat pump, fire alarm and your major appliances. The auditor lets you know where you are consuming the most energy and where you can make changes to reduce your utility bills. You can also improve your comfort and decrease your impact on the environment.

Professional Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

If you are concerned that the air in your home is harmful to breathe, consider scheduling an appointment for duct cleaning or an indoor air quality evaluation. Both of these services help to reduce the allergens in your air and improve air quality.