Consumer Tips to Consider When Thinking about a New AC Unit in Atlanta, GA

Published on: February 29, 2012

Atlanta, GA is located deep within the heart of the South. As we all know, in the South, temperatures can get very high in the summer months. As a result of these high temperatures, it’s very important to have an air conditioning unit installed in your home or business to keep comfortable during these months. If you’re currently in the market for a new air conditioning unit or looking to purchase in the near future, contact your local Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. Here are a few tips for you to consider when making your purchase.


Consider the type of air conditioner you need. Air conditioning units come in four basic types: through the wall units, window units, portable units, and central air conditioning units. Consider your Atlanta, GA space when considering your options. For assistance with choosing the right unit, a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer technician can discuss the various options with you and make recommendations.


Consider what features are important to you. Some of the basic features you’d expect to come with your Atlanta, GA home or business air conditioning unit are a minimum of two cooling speeds, thermostat, an energy efficient setting, exhaust vent, and an adjustable vent. The adjustable vent is very important because it will allow you to aim the cool air, while the exhaust vent will bring in the fresh Atlanta, GA air from the outside to the inside.


Consider what cooling capacity you need. The amount of cooling capacity you’ll need is measured in BTU/hour. The greater the number, the more power the unit will have. For a smaller room of around 150 square feet, you may only need a unit around 5000 BTU/Hour. On the contrary, for a space that is near 1200 square feet, you’ll need a unit with around 19,000 BTU/Hour. It’s important to consider that the size of the space is not the only contributing factor, you’ll also need to consider the number of windows, how well the room is insulated, and how many people occupy the space.