Expert Advice from Your Local Heating Contractors in Atlanta

Published on: November 30, 2012

Keeping your Atlanta GA home’s heating system working properly goes beyond making sure that it can keep your home warm in the winter. You also want to make sure that your heater works efficiently and that it is able to heat your home uniformly. Doing so will have a dramatic effect on your energy and monetary savings. To keep your heater in top-notch condition, heating contractors suggest that you have annual maintenance done, stay on top of repairs, focus on energy efficiency and use factory authorized dealers. Doing these things will not only keep your heating costs under control, but it can also reduce the need for repairs and lengthen the life of your heating equipment.


The Importance of Maintenance and Repair
Heating contractors in Atlanta will tell you that one of the most important parts of keeping your heater working is to have yearly maintenance done in the fall. Your heater has a number of systems that require attention, including a pilot light that needs adjustment, combustion fuel that needs refilling and a blower motor that needs oil and cleaning, just to name a few. When these things are not done, you may not notice a problem immediately, but it will negatively affect your heater’s ability to keep your home warm. Heating contractors offer maintenance plans that reduce your yearly maintenance costs and ensure that your heater is kept running properly.

In addition to maintenance, heating contractors will also tell you that you should not ignore problems with your heater. The reason for this that problems will not resolve themselves; they will only get worse. In addition to increasing the damage to your heater, problems with your equipment will often cause your heater to struggle to keep your home warm, putting undue stress on your heater and possibly damaging other parts. Instead, heating contractors in Atlanta will tell you that it is best to resolve these issues as soon as you notice a problem to keep your repair costs low.


Why Energy Efficiency Is Essential
If your Atlanta GA home’s heating system is not energy efficient, your power bills will reflect this. Heating contractors will point out that with the rising cost of energy, having a low efficiency heater will continue to increase the cost of keeping your home warm. Heaters made today are up to 50 percent more efficient than those made in the last decade, and they can reduce your power bills by up to 25 percent. However, it is important to make sure that both your home and your heating system are energy efficient.

There is a simple way to find out if your heater or a heater you are considering purchasing is energy efficient, and that is to look at a heater’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. This rating is a standardized measure of energy efficiency in heating equipment, and it is based on percentages, so higher AFUE ratings indicate higher energy efficiency. It is important to note that an energy efficient heater will not be as helpful if your home is not energy efficient as well. When warm air is able to escape your home through drafts in your home or leaking air ducts, your heater has to do more work. Heating contractors in Atlanta offer home energy audits that will pinpoint any area in your home that is lowering your home’s efficiency.


Choosing the Right Heating Contractor
Having heating contractors that know what they are doing and are experienced working on a variety of heating and cooling systems is important to the efficiency of your heating system. If your heater is not set up or maintained properly, it can cause a variety of problems. One of the best ways to choose a contractor is to look for a factory authorized dealer. These contractors have extensive experience and training relating to a particular manufacturer’s equipment. For example, a Bryant factory authorized dealer will have undergone training and testing from Bryant, and they will know the ins and outs and settings related to Bryant’s equipment.


Having a factory authorized dealer work on your heater will ensure that you do not have problems down the road related to installation or repair work, and it will keep you from needing your contractor to return multiple times to adjust your equipment.