How You Save Money with an AC Tune-Up

Published on: April 25, 2012

Your local Bryant factory authorized dealer can save you money during an air conditioning service and repair visit. Having the complete system tuned will save money on the utility bill. The technician will:

• Clean or replace the filter.
• Inspect and repair the electronics.
• Inspect the coolant level and refill if necessary.
• Check and fill the oil level for the motor.
• Inspect and replace any worn belts.
• Inspect and clear the drain line.
• Inspect and ensure the thermostat is working properly.
• Inspect the vents to ensure the proper amount of air delivered to each room.
• Inspect and clean the coils.
• Inspect, straighten or replace the condenser fins.
• Educate the owner on routine maintenance of the system and drain line.

A Bryant factory authorized dealer has technicians specially trained by the manufacturer to perform all maintenance and repair work under warranty. The dealer also carries parts for all makes and models of HVAC systems made by the manufacturer. When you need air conditioning service and repair, you will not have to wait for parts to be ordered from the factory. A well- tuned system will not need as much air conditioning service and repair as a non- maintained one.

It is wise to include inspection of the ducting system during your next air conditioning service and repair visit. The technician will:

• Clean the ducts. This involves removing and vacuuming out any mold, dirt and debris.
• Seal the inside of the ducts to prevent new mold or fungal growth.
• Repair any leaks in the ducts. This prevents moist air from leaking into the attic.
• Repair any gaps in the insulation.
• If no insulation is present, the technician will apply and seal the proper type and amount around the ducts. This prevents condensation from forming in the attic on the duct work.

Taking care of the ducting system ensures the HVAC system does not have to work harder to deliver heated or cooled air to the house. This service is not usually part of an HVAC system tune- up. As important to your home as it is, it is often overlooked. Your Bryant factory authorized dealer will be happy to perform the service, no matter when it was installed.

The Bryant factory authorized dealer can work on any make or model HVAC system. A tune- up will allow you to have immediate energy savings. A well- running unit uses less energy. This means lower utility bills and more money in your pocket. Older units can only be made as efficient as possible.

A newer unit should be considered for even more savings. Units are available today with SEER ratings of up to 24, the highest efficiency rating possible. The Bryant factory authorized dealer can help you choose an Energy Star certified system that qualifies for tax rebates and incentives. The representative will help you fill out the paperwork as well.
Between the tax rebates, incentives and energy savings, your HVAC system will pay for itself over time. Keeping your HVAC system properly tuned and maintained will lessen air conditioning service and repair bills.