Time to Schedule HVAC Service for Your Atlanta GA Home

Published on: September 14, 2012

As the summer draws to a close, seasonal transitions mean that it’s time to schedule HVAC service for your Atlanta home. While Georgia doesn’t experience huge extremes in temperature, it’s still important to conduct periodic maintenance and monitoring of your major systems in order to assure good working order and continued performance. Contacting a licensed HVAC service contractor in Atlanta will enable you to have a professional assessment performed in order to survey the current state of your system.

With the warm weather ebbing, air conditioning service may seem unnecessary. Air conditioning service needs in Atlanta, GA are often most pronounced during the midst of summer high temperatures. The heat tends to climax in August, but the presence of extra humidity because of the hurricane season can put added stress on your HVAC system. As the temperatures drop and your use of air conditioning service diminishes, your attention is probably not focused on the performance of your unit. However, this is an ideal time to schedule HVAC service. Post-season maintenance can be conducted by an air conditioning service Atlanta company in order to make sure that connections and coils are in good shape and that there are no glaring issues.

In the context of your GA air conditioning service call, you can enlist the help of your service professional in conducting an energy audit. Qualified professionals are able to survey your HVAC service and system in the home in order to determine whether all systems are in working order. Further, this HVAC service Atlanta professional can examine areas that might affect your energy efficiency throughout the year. While you may think that your heating and cooling systems are simply meant to turn on and work, the reality is that elements of home construction and finish work can lead to poor energy efficiency. An assessment of your home can provide valuable information that can help you in lowering energy costs while improving the comfort level in your home.

Your HVAC service Atlanta company can provide you with a series of behavioral changes to consider implementing in order to lower your energy bill. Your HVAC contractor may address areas that are susceptible to drafts, providing tips for caulking and sealing leaks at windows and doors. These efforts affect both heating and air conditioning service in your home.

Your contractor may also provide useful ideas for limiting heat exchange through windows. You may learn about window coverings and treatments that will limit heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer in your Georgia home. Your HVAC service Atlanta contractor may also have excellent suggestions for replacement windows that will help you in conserving energy and limiting heat exchange. While your air conditioning service provider may not make these changes, their expertise will enable you to further research the products and possibilities according to your interests and needs. Some of these improvements will not only lower your energy bill but also improve your home value.

While many heat exchange issues are not part of your Atlanta air conditioning service’s responsibilities, many HVAC professionals are able to correct problems related to attic insulation. In the context of your energy audit, your licensed contractor can determine the suitability of your current insulation. If replacement is required, your Atlanta contractor can provide the needed service.

Your HVAC service professional can also assess the performance of your HVAC system based on the quality of ductwork. Sealing of ducts can improve both heating and air conditioning service in your home. Although your ducts may have been previously sealed, it’s good to evaluate the system for resealing needs. Your air conditioning service can diagnose and repair problems in your ductwork.

Energy efficiency has been highly prioritized at a national level, making it important to consider national and local incentives as you consult with your air Atlanta air conditioning service. Your local AC company should be familiar with current incentives and requirements, especially if there are provisions for tax benefits and rebates for installation and service. While your HVAC service may be acceptable, incentives for improving your home’s energy efficiency may be impetus to upgrade major elements of your system. It’s important to explore the full details of rebates and incentives before you commit to HVAC service upgrades, but there have been many worthwhile opportunities in recent years.

As you prepare for winter, your need for HVAC service can be limited through simple maintenance. Changing filters and making sure that your thermostat is functioning correctly are basic steps. Taking time to consult with a Georgia contractor, though, can provide you with valuable insight related to your current system and possible upgrades or improvements.