Top 5 Tips About Home Heating for Your Atlanta GA Home

Published on: September 28, 2012

Home heating in Atlanta GA is one of the most difficult industries to perform well in. Many an air conditioner has been undone because of the humid weather and the extreme temperature changes in Atlanta.

These conditions are not surprising in many southern cities. However, the home heating industry in Atlanta is especially difficult to enter because of the number of people within the jurisdiction. This simply adds to the overall workload of the utility, giving individuals less power for their individual homes.

Below are five of the top tips for dealing with home heating in Atlanta GA while keeping costs down and living comfort up.

One – Use mechanical fans along with electrical air conditioning units to achieve better efficiency in a living space.

One of the top home heating Aips is to run ceiling fans or floor fans alongside the air conditioning to pull down the heat index in a living space. The heat index is the psychological effect that stagnant air has on a living space. The heat index can add as many as 20 degrees to an already sweltering indoor temperature.

If the body feels 20 degrees warmer, most home owners will overcompensate by using their Atlanta home heating system too much. This overcompensation will add a great deal of energy usage to the home heating system without adding a great deal of comfort to the living space. The result is a higher heating / cooling bill at the beginning of every month without much to show for it. Also, you may have a great deal more repair bills to consider because of the extra work that the air conditioning system is performing on your behalf.

If you have a fan that can spin in both directions, make sure that it is set to blow air down during the hot summer months and up during the winter months. This will help to accentuate the effect of the fans on the heat index appropriately for the season.

Two – Do not turn your home heating system off and on repeatedly.

In order to maintain a level of energy efficiency for your home heating system, you must resist the urge to turn it on and off in response to less or more trying weather conditions. The home heating system resembles a car in this way: The more that you crank it up from a cold start, the more energy you must use each time that you do so. Keeping a consistent temperature is the more energy efficient way to maintain an attractive temperature in your living space.

Three – Close the windows and blinds in your home during the hottest days of the summer.

Not only do open windows and blinds add to the heat index in a living space, the extra energy coming into the home adds to the actual temperature inside as well. In order to keep your Atlanta, GA home heating system working at its most efficient, close the windows and blinds during the hottest days of the summer, especially on the south side of the house.

Four – Have your air conditioning unit checked by a professional on a routine basis.

Little problems do not have to turn into big problems if your home heating system is under the watchful eye of a professional. In Atlanta’s more extreme seasons, you may have to conduct a professional maintenance check more often than normal, but it definitely beats having to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix a more expensive problem down the road. You will also have to deal with the sudden nature of the more expensive breakdowns, which can cause a great deal of discomfort for those inside of your living space.

Five – Take care of the maintenance that you can yourself.

Cleaning your filters and your drip pans is something that you can do on a routine basis without the help of a professional. Even these two small things can help to avoid a great deal of bigger problems that cost a lot of money to get rid of. If you do not want to perform these routine maintenance services yourself, at least have a professional take them on his routine monthly check of your air conditioning system.