Preparing Your Atlanta Air Conditioning for Warmer Weather

Published on: February 27, 2012

Summer weather will soon be upon us, which means warmer weather is approaching. Are you prepared to handle the rise in temperature? This is the best time to consider air conditioning repair or installation by a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.  If you live in Atlanta, GA, once the heat wave arrives and you realize your air conditioning system is not working properly, you’ll be wishing you had called a local Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer to have maintenance performed on your system.


The value of regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance is reflected in the extended life of your HVAC system and in considerable energy savings. While air conditioning repair or installation of a new system is sometimes necessary, your equipment will last longer and work better if it is cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.


Because of the months of high heat levels in Atlanta, GA, your system will be on overload. Dust, dirt, and debris will be constantly accumulating and causing problems unless regular cleanings and systems inspections are performed. While you can probably handle replacing the air filters, some of the other tasks require professional assistance.


In addition to air conditioning repair or installation, Atlanta, GA Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer technicians can check your ductwork for leaks or debris accumulation. They clean the evaporator and coils, lubricate equipment, and monitor the amount of current running through your electric lines. Refrigerant levels are checked, fan blades tightened, and your thermostat’s accuracy assessed. These professionals can also perform efficiency tests to see if you really need to look at air conditioning repair or installation of a completely new unit.


Sometimes, it is beneficial to replace outdated, inefficient equipment even if it is still running, and for Atlanta, GA residents, sooner is better than later when it comes to getting ready for summer heat. Fortunately, there are often rebates, discounts, and low-interest loans available for those who are improving the energy savings of their HVAC systems. A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer technician can do a thorough home inspection that will help you know if you need air conditioning repair or installation and avise you on what steps to take to prepare yourself and your AC for summer weather. If you live in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding area, being prepared is always a good feeling.