There is an EM Setting On Your Thermostat – When Should You Use That Setting?

Published on: February 28, 2012

If the heating in your Atlanta, GA home has gone out, you can temporarily turn on your emergency heat by using the EM button on your thermostat. Your heat pump is equipped with a secondary source of heat to protect you during an emergency weather situation or when the heating unit just stops working. Once you have pressed the button for emergency heating, you should place a call to an Atlanta, GA Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer for assistance. A service technician will come to your home to troubleshoot the source of the problem and fix it.

After the service technician from the Atlanta, GA Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer has resumed your regular source of heating, he or she will provide you with information regarding what caused your heater or heat pump to stop working. To prevent problems like this in the future, the service technician may recommend that you make an investment in preventative maintenance for both your heating unit and air conditioner. Annual maintenance can help to prevent major problems with the heat pump, furnace and air conditioner in your Atlanta, GA home by catching small problems early.


If your heat unit is broken beyond repair, the Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer technician can recommend products for your Atlanta, GA home. Carrier manufactures high-quality furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, and other home comfort products. The name Carrier is well-respected in the industry, and many HVAC companies strive to become authorized dealers for Carrier. However, only about five percent of them actually meet Carrier’s high standards of technician excellence, fair business practices, and customer satisfaction. A HVAC company that offers Carrier products has already proven itself to be of the highest caliber.

You cannot go for long without heat in your Atlanta, GA home, but you may be concerned about the cost of installation for a new Carrier heat pump or furnace. Carrier frequently offers customers the opportunity to apply for financing of the company’s products. If you are interested in this option, ask your service technician for a credit application.