We are the Local Experts for Home Heating in Atlanta

Published on: December 14, 2012

A good residential heating system will keep your family warm and cozy whatever the weather may be outside. A great heating system will get the job done without sending your utility bills skyrocketing. Great home heating products, however, aren’t generic pieces of equipment that can be plopped into any home and produce the same comfortable results. The best home heating in Atlanta is custom designed to meet your home’s specific heating needs. Getting the system right takes the expertise of a local HVAC contractor. Our heating specialists are not only knowledgeable about heating products but also have extensive experience serving the Atlanta community.

Your Home’s Heating Load

Heating equipment is sized according to its heating capacity as expressed in the amount of BTU (British thermal unit) expended per hour. Selecting the right home heating system starts with an analysis that determines how much energy the heater will need to keep your home at a comfortable and steady temperature. A basic calculation simply compares square footage of your home to the BTU capacity. Our expert technicians employ formulas that factor in other variables that affect your home’s heating demands as well. These factors include your home’s level of insulation, number of windows and exposure to wind and sun.

Sizing Home Heating Systems

Systems that are sized right to meet your home heating needs offer optimal long-term savings. An undersized product may have a lower sticker price but because it will have to run constantly in order to heat your home, those initial savings will quickly disappear in higher monthly energy costs. An oversized system doesn’t just require a higher upfront expenditure. A too-big system heats your home quickly but cycles off just as fast. This leads to a frequent on/off operation that puts undue stress on parts and equipment, leading to costly repairs as well as uncomfortable fluctuations in temperatures. Our local HVAC experts know how to size a heater correctly so that it runs at peak energy efficiency for years to come.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)

Fuel-burning furnace and boiler heating systems are marked with AFUE energy efficiency ratings that let you know how much of the energy in the fuel is converted into heat for your home. Products manufactured today have much higher ratings that those produced just a decade ago. Modern furnaces, for example, are now required by law to have an AFUE rating of at least 78 percent. Installing a new furnace with a 97-percent AFUE rating to replace an older furnace with a 60-percent AFUE can cut your heating bill by as much as 30 percent. 

Forced-Air Heating Systems

AFUE rating calculations do not include heat loss due to faulty piping or duct systems. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaky ductwork located in attics or basements can result in as much as a 35-percent heat loss. Our local HVAC experts understand that optimum savings depend upon taking a whole-system approach when it comes to home heating in Atlanta. We ensure that any new installation achieves maximum comfort with minimum waste by testing the air flow from the point of origin to the point of delivery. Our technicians are equipped to retrofit or upgrade ducts, flue, vents and grilles to fit a new heating system and to get the most out of existing systems.

Maintenance Matters

Even the most energy-efficient heating system won’t deliver the comfort and savings that you expect unless it is properly maintained. Scheduling seasonal maintenance with one of our local HVAC experts is the most convenient and cost-effective way to make sure that your system runs well for years to come. Seasonal check-ups include inspections and service for all of the system’s components. Well-maintained heating systems last longer, need fewer repairs and maintain better energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly energy bills and offering long-term savings as well.

Whether you’re looking for maintenance services, repairs or a new heating system installation, you can depend on our local HVAC experts. We’ll not only provide you with accurate data about heating products and services but with information that’s particularly useful for homeowners in the Atlanta community as well. As your neighbors, we’re experts at local heating system solutions.