What is Passive Dehumidification and How it Benefits You

Published on: May 2, 2012

Your Carrier factory authorized dealer is there for all your air conditioner and heating needs. Routine maintenance, repairs and informing customers about new technologies are part of the service they happily provide their customers. New technologies save the customers money on their energy bills. They can also lead to healthier and more comfortable homes.


A Carrier factory authorized dealer has technicians who have been trained and certified by the manufacturer. These technicians can perform all air conditioner maintenance and repair work specified under the warranty. The Carrier factory authorized dealer also carries parts in stock for most of the manufacturer’s systems.


One new technology is passive dehumidification. This process, using heat pipe technology, removes 50% to 100% more humidity than a regular air conditioner system. Your Carrier factory authorized dealer can help you identify and install the right system for your home

There are two parts to a heat pipe technology system. The condensation process is used to remove humidity from the air. The ambient air is pulled into the air conditioner and over the first part of the system, called the pre- cool pipes. This pipe is filled with refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air. Condensation forms and is sent down the drain. The air then travels to the coils, while the heated fluid moves to the second part of the system and is stored.


Heat transfer takes place in the coils using more refrigerant. More condensation forms and is sent down the drain. The air is cooled to a very low temperature; it is too cold at this point to be returned to the house’s interior yet.


The twice- cooled air must be heated to a comfortable temperature before returning it to the inside of the house. The second part of the system, called the reheat pipes is the storehouse for the heat removed in the pre- cool pipes. The air absorbs heat from the fluid, causing more condensation. This additional condensation is sent down the drain as well. No extra energy is used in the process at all.


In extremely humid climates, this system saves money and provides healthier humidity levels inside the home. No extra dehumidifiers are necessary. This saves the homeowner on energy bills and on extra equipment. The energy savings will pay for the unit over time.


To help the system operate at maximum efficiency, the ducting system should be inspected on an annual basis. The technician will clean and seal the inside to prevent mold and fungal growth. Any leaks will be sealed, which prevents humid air from entering the system without being passed through the heat pipes. The insulation surrounding the ducts will be sealed to prevent condensation in the attic. This condensation causes mold growth and can raise the humidity level inside the house.


Your local Carrier factory authorized dealer can install, repair and maintain your entire HVAC system from top to bottom. The salesperson will help you choose the right air conditioner with the highest SEER rating for your house and budget.