Expert Advice About Furnace Repair in Atlanta

Published on: November 16, 2012

While you may not expect the winter months to create severe temperature changes in Atlanta GA, you can expect to have some chilly mornings ahead. Keeping your furnace in good operating condition is one of the main ways to avoid the need for furnace repair in Atlanta, but even the best maintenance program can be frustrated by an unexpected system failure. When you are confronted with a malfunctioning furnace, it’s important to have a good furnace repair company to contact for expert advice.

The first big chill of the season is one of the busiest times for furnace repair in Atlanta. Systems that have been idle for many months are suddenly called into action. Those that are older or poorly maintained are particularly vulnerable to failure at this point, and furnace repair contractors are faced with a slew of calls for assistance. This can be a frustrating time, but temperatures during this phase of the season are rarely so severe that you are in danger if your repair isn’t conducted immediately. It is helpful to inform your company of special needs in your home so that your service call can be prioritized.

More severe storms can also result in significant outages and failures in the Atlanta GA area. Serious weather conditions can stress older furnaces and lead to malfunction or failure. It’s important to deal with these issues quickly, especially in the face of extremely cold temperatures. If your service will not be provided immediately, take precautions by finding a warm place to stay until the repair can be made.

An old system may require replacement. A newer system may still be under warranty. It’s important to keep all paperwork related to your furnace in an easily accessible location so that you can review important details about brand, date of installation and warranty service requirements if furnace repair or replacement is needed. In the case of an old system, replacement may be a better choice than repair. A new system may provide you with immediate savings on your energy bill if you select a modern unit that is highly rated for its efficiency. You may also find that there are tax credits or energy rebates available when you purchase an eligible system. Your contractor for furnace repair in Atlanta can help you to consider the latest models that suit your needs and can assist you in evaluating consumer incentives that apply to your situation.

Your furnace repair contractor can also provide information about some of the cutting edge systems that are available. Dual fuel units, for example, combine the convenience of a heat pump with the savings benefits of a furnace to enable a homeowner to limit energy expenses. A dual fuel system can come in very handy during severe weather, especially given the fact that if one part of the heating system fails, the other might still provide warmth until a repair can happen. Your contractor can explain how such systems operate and provide you with examples of pricing and length of service.

If your system is somewhat newer and is experiencing problems, it’s especially important to reference your system paperwork before enlisting a furnace repair service. You need to be sure that you contact a provider of service who is authorized to work on that company’s brand. Ignoring these requirements can be costly in that it’s possible to void your warranty through the use of unauthorized services. Following warranty guidelines for repairs can ensure that your system is repaired correctly at minimal cost to you.

Prevention is a key element in limiting your potential for system failure. One of the most basic steps is checking and replacing your filter periodically. While this might seem simple, the reality is that it’s easy to forget the filter. A severely clogged filter can stress your furnace and lead to malfunction or failure. You can put the task on your calendar, making it a point to check your filter at the beginning of each month. It’s also wise to make a note on your calendar when the task is completed, indicating any changes or problems so that you have a record of issues and concerns if you later have trouble with your system.

Before winter weather arrives, it’s wise to test your system to make sure that it is operational. Check your thermostat, and make sure that the air is heating correctly. Check your vents for good airflow. If there are unusual smells or noises, contact a contractor for further evaluation of your system. If you notice inconsistent flow of air, you can enlist a furnace repair company for duct sealing. By taking the time to evaluate your system ahead of time, you can often head off unexpected problems when the weather gets chilly.

Many contractors offer maintenance packages to those who may not have time to check these things carefully. This can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your system will be professionally evaluated before the season changes. This can also facilitate excellent response time if your system does have a problem during the winter. It’s important to select a reputable contractor who is familiar with the brand of your system so that you can be sure that service is of high quality.