How to Get Reliable and Fast Furnace Installation in Atlanta

Published on: November 30, 2012

Winter is fast approaching in Atlanta GA, and if you are in need of a new furnace installation, there is really no time to waste in scheduling with a local heating contractor. Whether you already have a furnace in mind, or are pressed to replace a system that isn’t working, you can find quality contractors to efficiently handle your furnace installation in Atlanta. Keep in mind, however, hesitation and procrastination could create inconveniences as service needs in the area increase.


Seasonally, fall is an excellent time to handle your furnace installation for a number of reasons. The temperatures in Atlanta GA during the fall months are mild, making it a comfortable time to test the operation of your new system. Trying to accomplish this during the summer might be miserable as you face having to heat your home while contending with a hot and sticky Atlanta summer. Waiting until the weather is cold is frustrating because the demand for repairs and furnace installation in Atlanta rise in concert with changing climate conditions. As older systems are turned on for the first time in many months, a significant percentage of these systems fail. Your best contractors become very busy with repairs and have more restricted schedules with fewer installation appointments available. If you want fast and reliable service, make it a point to schedule your service for a low-demand time of the year.


If you are facing a furnace installation as the result of a system failure, it may be that you don’t have control over the timing. Some households check their furnaces in the fall so that they are sure everything is operating correctly ahead of winter’s arrival. Others wait until the temperatures actually drop. If you are in that second group, it’s not the end of the world. However, it does mean that you may need to be a little more patient. Find a reputable HVAC contractor to do your furnace installation in Atlanta and bundle up if necessary. If you have young children in your home or if you care for someone who is fragile because of age or health, you can inform your contractor of the situation in order to find out about expediting your service.


You can plan for potential furnace installation needs by doing some system maintenance during the early days of fall. Checking your filter is simple, and so is turning on your thermostat. Taking these two simple steps before winter may lead you to discover a system problem before you are faced with seasonal surges in repair calls. If your furnace won’t turn on or if it produces little or no heat, you should enlist the help of a contractor right away. Your service professional can evaluate the condition of your system and make repairs or recommend replacement. Taking care of the issue during a low volume time means that your repair will be handled quicker. You’ll also receive more focused attention as your contractor isn’t distracted by a slew of service calls coming in.


The least control of timing with a furnace installation occurs when your system fails unexpectedly during a nasty winter storm or cold snap. This isn’t always predictable, and problems can happen with systems of all ages. Severe stress during unusually harsh conditions can affect your heater. Service call volume is often high because many homes experience similar problems, meaning that it’s tough to get fast and reliable service. It’s important to impart to your contractor any serious issues affecting fragile family members. If you know that there will be a delay in service, it’s worthwhile to investigate motels or to arrange with friends for a place to stay until repairs can be made.


As you face any repair or furnace installation situation, there are a couple of important warranty issues to take into account. If your system is older, you may not be covered by a warranty. However, you should still take time to check your paperwork to be sure as such systems often include lengthy warranty periods. If your system is still under warranty, it’s imperative that you follow the brand’s directions for obtaining service. Using the right company will ensure that your work is done reliably. It will also ensure that guarantees on your system are honored. Ignoring these details can make the difference in your paying a little or a lot for your repairs or replacement.


If you have an active home warranty, your old system may be covered in spite of the fact that your equipment’s brand warranty has expired. In this case, you still need to investigate the protocol for obtaining service so that you are able to take full advantage of the coverage. Major appliances and systems are often covered in home warranties, and small deductible costs are much more affordable than having to pay the full price of repair or replacement of your furnace.


As you consider the equipment to be installed, you should ask your HVAC contractor about energy-efficient furnaces. You may want to think about choosing a split fuel system so that you have a backup source of heat in the event of future equipment failures. You can also find out about company coupons for equipment or installation services. Your contractor can also discuss current incentives that benefit homeowners who upgrade to more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. A fast response doesn’t mean that you have to overspend or select sub-standard equipment, and a reliable contractor will help you to make the best selection for your home and budget.