How You can Save on Home Energy

Published on: May 16, 2012

As a homeowner in Atlanta, GA, opening up your monthly electricity and natural gas bill only to find that the amount due keeps increasing month after month is a frustrating experience. A home energy audit can help you reduce your monthly utility bills and gain control over the cost of your heating and air conditioning services. Our air conditioning service professionals explain how you can save on home energy costs by scheduling a home energy audit.

About Home Energy Audits
During a home energy audit, the auditor inspects your entire home from basement to rooftop to identify issues that may be causing your home to lose energy efficiency. A home energy audit includes checking for air leaks around doors, windows and outlets; inspecting the air conditioning system to check performance level and whether the system is in good working order; and checking all other heat generating appliances, especially the water heater and refrigerator. At the end of your home energy audit, you will receive a written report on actions that you can take to save on energy consumption and costs in your Atlanta, GA home.

Benefits of Energy Audits
There are many benefits to having a home energy assessment completed. After you receive your written report, our air conditioning service professionals will come in to perform preventive maintenance on your home’s air conditioner. Regular air conditioning service ensures that your air conditioner does not consume more energy than necessary. Our air conditioning service technicians recommend preventive maintenance each spring for the best level of energy savings. During your energy audit, the auditor may note that your system is older and less efficient than today’s new models of air conditioning systems. Installing a new, high efficiency air conditioning system could save 20 percent or more off your monthly utility bills.

In addition to making recommendations for air conditioning services, your energy audit report will list actions that you can take such as shading your outdoor condenser unit, removing boxes and furniture from your air handler and air vents and replacing your air filter on a monthly basis.